Monday, 1 July 2013

Whim #2

Wow is it really that time already? Monday again and of course the beginning of JULY!! If you have been struggling recently with fitness, healthy eating or motivation start fresh...its a new month!

So this week i want to talk about GOALS, i think its really important to have reason for doing something wether it be for self satisfaction, to look good for your graduation (my most current reason), wedding, party or simply just to prove you can. Once you understand your reason you goal will probably follow naturally

My goal recently has been to get stronger and i can definitely notice a difference...i work in a pub and we have to carry huge trays of glasses....the boys always used to take them off me as they watched me struggle...but not any more HURRRAH! in fact they don't even offer any more (not very gentlemanly i no but i don't mind)

So this week i want you to think of a goal or more than one if you want. I like to set lots of goals for example i have a scale goal (though i use this as a gage as i don't want to lose weight just maintain it) i have a gym goal, at the moment that is still to get stronger and slim my legs down which is proving a tad difficult but i'm still persevering and i have a clothing goal which is a pair of shorts that i am determined to feel happy in by the time i go on holiday.

So make sure you set a goal, it can be one that you will achieve quickly or one that will take some time...don't be put off if your goal will take time because that time will pass anyway in when it comes around you will have wished you carried on.

And lastly make sure your goal is realistic but that it CHALLENGES you because if it doesn't how do you expect to change....if you do what you have always done you will look how you have always looked. So push your self because what challenges us CHANGES us.

I would love to know what goals you have set for yourself and why you have set them so why not let me know?

Have a beautiful week!

Lots of hardwork & dedication