Friday, 19 July 2013

Mums homemade burgers

So recently someone asked me what should i eat then? doesn't eating healthy take a lot of time and money?

the answer is NO and here is a quick recipe perfect for theses summer days that we should be making the most of!

My mum makes these all the time and they are so yummy...and so simple!

I sometimes crumble a bit of cheese into the mix or put in some cajun spice because i am OBSESSED with cajun spice!

I usually cook them on the lean mean fat grilling machine (i wish they made one of these for human fat) but we BBQ'd them the other day and they came out so nice!

So you've seen how easy they are to make but what about the other question of cost....

Lean mince from tesco - £4 or buy three packs for £10 and freeze the others
Half a red onion - 20p
Fresh Basil - practically free once you have bought a plant because it keeps on growing...but lets just say 20p

So you have a total cost of £4.40 making each burger just £ can't get nice, fresh burgers with no added animal bones and what not for cheaper than that!!

So just to recap not only are these so simple to make (you can make loads and freeze them thats what we do), they are also cheap to make but most importantly they are so clean...and you no exactly what you are putting into your body!

Have a go at making them and let me no any variations you make!

Lots of hardwork and dedication

PS do you like the design? im trying to make everything a bit easier to read and keep track of so you can print this off if its easier...not that there is a lot to remember