Thursday, 4 July 2013

Zero noodles

Hi all!

So i was walking round Holland and Barrett the other day and i came across these zero noodles! i had seen them used in a lot of American recipes but didn't know you could get them in England!

So basically they are an alternative to noodles for people wanting to loose weight so you can add in a ton of veggies and lean protein (chicken, turkey or tofu) yet you will feel fuller even though you are eating less!

They have ZERO sugar ZERO salt ZERO gluten and they are organic and fat free!

The whole pack has eight calories in, which is very little so you do need to make sure you are adding a lot of other foods to it. For sauce i made a sweet chilli sauce and it was delicious - i will post the recipe soon :)


The initial smell wasn't very nice i have to admit but when i had cooked them up they didn't taste of anything so that was good. The texture was a bit strange to begin with but i did get used to it. These are a good alternative if you are wanting to loose weight but they are a bit pricey at £1.99 a pack.

Let me know if you've tried them, and how you made them into a meal

Lots of Hardwork and Dedication