Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday madness #2

Here is your monday workout...its a toughie but so good! Make sure you push yourself, if you have access yo heavier weights, try lifting heavier it doesn't matter if you have to drop back down but how can we expect to change if we do what we always do?

So this is part of the monday madness series, which belong to Lloyd. I decided it would be easier to name the workouts the same thing (based on which insturctor came up with them) so that if you prefer a particular style of these workout you can maybe do the series of them when there is enough. 

I hope these printables are okay, unfortunately i no longer have access to photoshop so i am having to do them on word...

Enjoy the can tweet me to let me know you are doing it @daniellejade0 or if you want to send me a sweaty pic on instagram its @myfatscrying - get social media active people and let me know what you want to see! 

Happy monday!

Lots of hardwork and dedication