Friday, 12 July 2013

Oh my quad!!

Good morning,

So I thought id share with you this mornings workout...

Yes i know it looks horrendous...and it was. HOWEVER it was a very good workout, the workouts that make you pull stupid faces like 'what the hell' and 'i'm sure i'll die if i do this' usually are the good ones...we only have a half hour class in the morning and so the big x3 that you see was a little unachievable BUT it makes you go faster to try and complete as much as you can...I managed one and a half rounds in the 30 minutes but carried on to complete two full rounds...

So here is how it works

If you are at the gym you can do every thing on the board as i'm sure your gym will have the basic equipment needed...however here are some modifications if you are missing some stairs or a place to do chin ups

do 35 burpees to warm up


  • 25 chin up 25 press ups 20 chin-ups 20 press ups 15 chin-ups 15 press ups 10 chin-ups 10 press ups 

simples unless you have no where to do chin ups... as an alternative find some heavy dumbbells hold them above your head and jump up as high as you can)

  • now go for a 0.2 mile sprint (or sprint on the spot for 1 minute 30)

shake your legs out because you are about to understand why i titled this post 'oh my quad'...

  • 25 squats 25 squat jumps 20 squats 20 squat jumps 15 squats 15 squat jumps 10 squats 10 squat jumps

Now for some lovely stair the gym we are lucky to have two sets of stairs that lead to other training areas...if you are at home i'm sure you have stairs (unless you live in a bungalow which would be unfortunate for this workout)

MODIFICATION - 30 second mountain climbers

  • So run up the stairs or do 30 second mountain climbers
  • 10 crunches
  • run back down or do 30 second mountain climbers
  • 5 burpees

repeat this section for a total of 10 rounds

To finish off row 500m or if you are without a rower run half a mile

and when you finish all of have completed ONE WHOLE ROUND!! so you only have two more!

NOW i would like to again remind you that i have not made this workout up...we have Duncan the instructor from the gym to thank for this torture :) so remember if you make it to the end and have time (and live near) pop in to the gym and let him know how hard it was...or if you're so dead you can't make it to the gym go to the Zest page on facebook ( ) and THANK HIM or abuse him for the pain.

Completely off subject but i'm too excited not to share this of my best friends Vanessa (the girl who inspires motivational mondays) won entry into the color run UK in london and guess who she asked to do it with her...ME!! and im soooo excited! I've wanted to do one for years and its finally come to the UK!! so i shall post after sunday all about the days events!!

Lots of hardwork and dedication