Wednesday, 31 July 2013

feel the burn three

Hi all!

Welcome to feel the burn three, your hump day workout!

please excuse the squiggly lines, as i've said i'm having to make these on word and when i print screen i sometimes forget to removed the stupid lines...unfortunately i shut it down without saving it!

Anyway, as all feel the burns, it is circuit training...i've changed a few exercises so that you can do it at home with little equipment...

okay so butt blasters...i didn't no what to name this station but it hurt my butt so thats how i came to the decision...

find something to put your feet on so that you are in a declined push up position (hands lower than feet)
then step one leg down, return it and then alternate with the other leg :)

Hope you like your hump day workout! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication