Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Your hump day workout

This morning we done an awesome cardio burn circuit and I can't wait to share it with you BUT a lot of my readers don't have access to the gym so I'm going to make it into a little printable that you can take anywhere even the park :) I mean why not make the most if this weather and catch a tan while working towards that body you so desperately want? So i shall do this sometime over the weekend as i am GRADUATING tomorrow so dont have the time today or tomorrow :)!!

So as a little workout (though dont be fooled its so hard) I thought if share with you the 100 BURPEE BURNOUT oh yes it will make you sweat but it's very satisfying :) 

So you do 10 of each variation of burpee - there are 10 variations hence the name 100 burpee burnout :)

So some are self explanatory some not so much...

Down down up up - do your burpee when you are in the press up position go down to your elbows push back up to your hands then jump up -that's 1 

Half super man - burpee, then when your in the press up position lift opposite arm and leg, then switch then jump back up  

One arm and one leg are exactly that....make sure to switch over half way through these two sets 

Front kick - burpee, get up and kick out in front of you on each leg

Shoulder tap - burpee, when you are in press up position tap opposite hand to shoulder, do both shoulders then jump up

Hip twists, do the same as down down up up, when you reach the down position twist one hip to the floor and then the other push back up and jump up 

Leg swings - do your regular burpee but instead of jumping the legs straight behind you, jump them to the side 

Tuck jump burpee - do a regular burpee but thus time when you jump up you are going to do a tuck jump :) 

And that's that, it should take around 15 minutes so what I want you to do is run 1 mile before and 1 mile after to make this into a full workout

I think I might upload a video of this so you can see me doing it but that won't be for a few days :) so have a go and just make sure you sweat 

Lots of hardwork & dedication