Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Feel the burn 2

Here is your hump day workout guys!

OMG all of my energy is zapped today, i fell asleep when i got in from work for 2 hours hence why this workout is coming to you a little late...but better late than if you haven't worked out today this is sure to give you a great cardio burn as well as building some lean muscle which we all know is essential for burning fat right?

can you see a resemblance to cardio burn 1? thats because Steve follows they same format but changes up the exercises each week which i really enjoy because i know what to all of Steve's workouts will be collected into the titled 'cardio burn' :)

So a couple of notes....i changed a few of the exercises so that this can be done anywhere....remember on a kettlebell swing you can just use anything that you can get a good grip on...switch arms after 30 seconds.

For chest flys lie on your back arms extended to the sides with a weight in each hand, then lift both arms up to meet each other directly over your chest (arms still extended)

I this hurts you as much as it hurt me :) I also did 30 minutes of spin after so if you want to go completely beast mode why not go for a run/powerwalk/bike ride :)

ENJOY...that body isn't going to happen by itself ;)

lots of hardwork and dedication