Motivational Monday

Motivational monday is something i started with my housemate and bestfriend from uni so i wanted to bring it to my blog. Each monday i will post a quote or some motivational speech and try and give you a positive mental attitude for the week.

Whim #7

Okay its monday again...i have 2 weeks until i go on its time to suck it up and clean up my diet....and you are hopefully doing it with me...ITS DAY 1 of the 5 day challenge! So if you are joining in today i would like you to do monday madness 3 (last mondays workout) and obviously follow the meal plan i uploaded on 'are you ready for the challenge'...wahoo!!

After todays workout (which i will upload later) i have decided to focus on team work this week and encouraging others around you! I love the people i go to the gym with in the morning they are so motivating it keeps me going even when i want to stop...and my mumma keeps me going at find someone to work out with or someone to eat well with...share with them the 5 day challenge and ask them to do it with can start tomorrow, it doesnt have to be today :)

But if you can't find someone to workout with you and encourage you, have no fead i have found you someone who will never let you down and who will always give you encouragement

What a beautiful man! so remember when you think you can't get your bum to the box RYAN WANTS YOU TOO!! 

so in the spirit of team work, spread the love, share him with everyone you know, as much as you want to keep him for yourself...THERE IS NO I IN TEAM!

happy monday!

Lots of handwork & dedication (and as my aunty said yesterday constancy)


Whim #6

My Ryan Gosling motivation went down really well last week, infact it is the most viewed post that i have done haha so i thought id continue with this sort of i bring you... the god of all men...


So no excuses...if you need to print this off and take it to the gym with you do so, or stick it on your fridge or snack cupboard because who would want to disappoint that? certainly not me!

We had a BBQ yesterday for my graduation, and i ate far too much food, i think i ate my body weight in crisps (my biggest downfall) so when my alarm went off i hit off and rolled over....but i felt bad and the gym gods wouldn't let me go back to sleep so off i went and i'm glad i did. It was a really good workout, as always (which i shall post later) and i really pushed myself today and lifted heavier than i usually would. and i proved to myself that i can do it, it may take me a little longer to complete the reps but i got there and i saw a progression and i felt really proud of myself. So do something today that you can feel proud of and that reflects what you have been working towards, push out of your comfort zone and you will be amazed with what you can achieve!

Happy Monday

Lots of hardwork and dedication

p.s - god i love a p.s don't i? I'm working on a '5 day clean up' i was hoping to post it yesterday but time got away with me so i shall post it later on and hopefully you will all join me!

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Speaking of recipes our summer house is finally finished which means i get to do all my baking in there and it is so pretty and full of pretty cooking things i'm so excited!!!


Whim #5

Monday morning again...

Now i am only assuming that girls are reading my blog and following it (sorry to all the boys out there if you are following this) but my phone is broke which means the image i had all ready for this fine monday morning i can no longer access so as always i went to interest and i stumbled across this and thought it would be rude not to share it with you

Yuuuummy....who doesn't love a bit of ryan gosling so set you up for a good week? So if you are thinking of skipping your beginning of the week workout think wouldn't want to disappoint Ryan would you?

I've already done my monday morning workout and my god it was a KILLER!! but i'm 100% sure Mr Gosling was impressed with me.

So i shall be sharing with you todays workout a bit later on when i finish work along with some other exciting stuff :)

Speaking of work, i have a new job, and for all my sudbury readers i would LOOOOOVE for you to pop in and see me...i now work at the Coffee house down Gainsborough street (opposite prezzo), they do all sorts of yummy things including freshly made sandwiches and salads, granola pots and if you are having a cheat day some cake and the best coffee ever....PLUS fresh smoothies and iced coffees for this glorious weather

I would really appreciate if you could all like the facebook page

Have a good monday, check back later for your 'bubble butt' workout

Lots fo hardwork and dedication


Whim #4

Monday again... time really is just passing me by at the moment and so i thought today id share something with you that i stumbled upon on pinterest

Other than being very colourful which is always good for a monday morning the words also stuck me. Lately i've been wishing the time away because i just want to start my teacher training and why time seems to be doing what i want i think its important that we begin each day being grateful for something. Most of you reading my blog are most likely trying to change your bodies but while we are looking to the future to our 'ideal' bodies we should take the time to be grateful and happy with the bodies we have and even more so, be thankful that we have the ability and power to change what we think needs changing.

ANYWAY whim over! Make sure you start your week with a great workout, one that challenges you and make sure you SMASH it...i will be posting later the workout i did this morning which was an absolute killer but i feel great for doing it....I will also be sharing with you later my experience of the first ever UK color run so make sure you check back for those...I am also working on some healthy clean eating muffins which i can't wait to share with you :)

What are your plans this week? I graduate on thursday (OMG!!) which means i can't go to one of my favourite classes on wednesday evening as i will be at the hotel in Leicester (yuck) i might do a little hotel workout instead!

Happy monday

Lots of hardwork & dedication

Whim #3

Sorry this is a little late in the day but i've been trying to catch some rays on my day off...but better late than never right! There is still time to motivate yourself to eat well, drink more and workout.

Im a true believer in positive energy. If we surround ourselves with a positive people it causes us to be a lot more optimistic and therefore we put a lot more into our workouts and diets. NOW one thing we have to be truly grateful for is the glorious sunshine that we have been blessed with this week....I myself am a major sun worshiper and like to make the most of it when it comes around because us poor brits are a bit hard done by in the sun department. Don't you just feel so much better when the sun is out? i do! my whole attitude changes, i become a lot more positive, i find it a lot easier to avoid junk food and i find that my body craves water! And finally the sun also acts as a constant reminder that it is BIKINI season and i will soon be on holiday and having to wear my bikini...if that isn't motivation i don't no what is!

So remember
Be positive, take control and be confident with yourself

Lots of hard work and dedication


Whim #2

Wow is it really that time already? Monday again and of course the beginning of JULY!! If you have been struggling recently with fitness, healthy eating or motivation start fresh...its a new month!

So this week i want to talk about GOALS, i think its really important to have reason for doing something wether it be for self satisfaction, to look good for your graduation (my most current reason), wedding, party or simply just to prove you can. Once you understand your reason you goal will probably follow naturally

My goal recently has been to get stronger and i can definitely notice a difference...i work in a pub and we have to carry huge trays of glasses....the boys always used to take them off me as they watched me struggle...but not any more HURRRAH! in fact they don't even offer any more (not very gentlemanly i no but i don't mind)

So this week i want you to think of a goal or more than one if you want. I like to set lots of goals for example i have a scale goal (though i use this as a gage as i don't want to lose weight just maintain it) i have a gym goal, at the moment that is still to get stronger and slim my legs down which is proving a tad difficult but i'm still persevering and i have a clothing goal which is a pair of shorts that i am determined to feel happy in by the time i go on holiday.

So make sure you set a goal, it can be one that you will achieve quickly or one that will take some time...don't be put off if your goal will take time because that time will pass anyway in when it comes around you will have wished you carried on.

And lastly make sure your goal is realistic but that it CHALLENGES you because if it doesn't how do you expect to change....if you do what you have always done you will look how you have always looked. So push your self because what challenges us CHANGES us.

I would love to know what goals you have set for yourself and why you have set them so why not let me know?

Have a beautiful week!

Lots of hardwork & dedication


A lot of people will say that they 'can't' workout because they have work, children, a dog to walk, cooking to be done, they aren't strong enough, their toe hurts, etc etc BUT these are just excuses....your body will not go where your mind doesn't push it, so this week its mind over matter....i really didn't want to get up at 5.45 this morning for what i knew would be an intense (but very good) crossfit session but i did because if you start you week with an excuse you will end your week with an excuse!

Be strong and remember it does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop

Happy motivational monday

Lots of Hardwork and dedication