Monday, 22 July 2013

Whim #5

Monday morning again...

Now i am only assuming that girls are reading my blog and following it (sorry to all the boys out there if you are following this) but my phone is broke which means the image i had all ready for this fine monday morning i can no longer access so as always i went to interest and i stumbled across this and thought it would be rude not to share it with you

Yuuuummy....who doesn't love a bit of ryan gosling so set you up for a good week? So if you are thinking of skipping your beginning of the week workout think wouldn't want to disappoint Ryan would you?

I've already done my monday morning workout and my god it was a KILLER!! but i'm 100% sure Mr Gosling was impressed with me.

So i shall be sharing with you todays workout a bit later on when i finish work along with some other exciting stuff :)

Speaking of work, i have a new job, and for all my sudbury readers i would LOOOOOVE for you to pop in and see me...i now work at the Coffee house down Gainsborough street (opposite prezzo), they do all sorts of yummy things including freshly made sandwiches and salads, granola pots and if you are having a cheat day some cake and the best coffee ever....PLUS fresh smoothies and iced coffees for this glorious weather

I would really appreciate if you could all like the facebook page

Have a good monday, check back later for your 'bubble butt' workout

Lots fo hardwork and dedication