My personal Journey

This page is about me. Where i started, where i am, where i want to go, how i'm feeling and general musings of my day to day fitness, health and whims

Luck has nothing to do with it

There are a small handful of people in this world who can stay slim while eating a load of crap and very rarely working out...which everyone thinks is great and become envious...but why? no matter how slim a person is, if all they do is shovel fat ridden sugar infested foods into their gobs then they are not healthy...your body shape doesn't determine you health and while yes being slim is great surely your internal health should mean a lot more to you? (plus if you make smart choices with your food your body will show the world your smart choices)

But what really bugs me is that i don't stay slim while eating a load of crap, in fact if i even sniff as much as a chinese takeaway i'm sure i gain 10 pounds, so when people say 'you're so lucky you're so slim' it really gets on my nerves because luck has nothing to do with it. I workout nearly every day and 2 or 3 days a week i workout twice a day....i am always conscious of what i put into my body (obviously apart from cheat meals) so thats how i stay slim...and its not easy, in fact it is actually quite hard to have strict control of what you eat...working out is the easy hard is it to go and workout for an hour i mean you have another 23 hours in the day and thats where its hard because for those 23 hours you must control what you put into your mouth. But its not impossible you just have to want it bad enough

So if its not luck what is it? I keep saying it over and over and in fact i sign all my blog posts with is sheer hard work and dedication nothing more and nothing less.

So put the excuses away stop thinking that luck has missed you out and go clean up your cupboards and go kick some ass in the gym!

Have a great tuesday! also check back later for a kitchen disaster that actually turned out to be a kitchen revelation (well i think so anyway), its zesty healthy and sweet but above all its super clean and super good for you....

Lots of hardwork & dedication
Well I have just discovered blogger on my phone which means I can reach you anywhere any awesome ;) 

Any way so in a previous post I told you that I would be doing the color run...and I did! In 31 degree was extremely sweaty but such a great experience!

At every km there are volunteers with what I can only describe as ketchup bottles full of this powder and they squirt/chuck it on you...such a fun run. They don't give you a time because its meant to be for fun with no pressure so would be a great first race if you are new to running/fitness! 

It was crazy...15000 people all wanting to be coloured in like a rainbow and I got extremely covered in fact It won't come out of my blond girls (and boys) with blond hair don't be a douche like me wearing your hair down trying to make the headband look a bit cooler put your hair up and possibly wear a hat! Unless you don't mind having pink hair...I mind because I have to graduate on Thursday!

 I loved this sign because I thought it mimicked the title of my blog

And at the end they give you a pa let of colour and at the stage they have a finishers festival...they do a count down and then you all chuck colour into the sky and create a rainbow cloud...pure brilliance! 

I was also given coconut water for the first time, it's extremely good for you a d a perfect way to hydrate naturally with flavour! I will def be investing in some in the near future! 

So that was my experience! Have you done a color run? Would you like to do one? Let me know!! 

Lots of hardwork & dedication 


One of those 'urgh' days

Today when my alarm went off i really wasn't feeling a workout...but feeling like i was cheating myself i got up and went to the gym....BUT i should have listened to my body...i was tired and when i got to the gym i struggled through the workout...i didn't even make it to the end and now i feel crap...where as if i had listened to my body and had a longer sleep i would probably feel 100x better now.

So i just want to highlight the importance of listening to your body...its dawned on me that i am probably training too much (though i have cut back a bit) and i need to learn that it's okay to take a few days off so long as I go hard on the days I train and make sure I keep on track with my eating habits.

So while we are on the subject of taking time out make sure you have a cheat meal...i mentioned this the other day but it is important that you give your body what it wants rather than what is needs on this very special occasion...i call it a special occasion because that is what it should meal, one day a week, nothing more! An amazing blogger i follow religiously, Cassey Ho (blogilates) likes to call it a YOLO meal, which, although i hate that saying it kind of seems appropriate because it is a reminder that while we should look after our bodies on the inside and out, we should remember that we only get on life so indulging every now and again is okay!


I don't like cheat meals because i always feel like ive gained 10 pounds and un done all of my hard work BUT one of the very nice instructors at the gym today, actually his the owner of the gym, Al, told me that the next day we should sip on water as the reason we bloat/puff up/feel the size of a house is because our skin sucks all of the salt out of our food and retains water weight....which kind of seems ironic that we should then drink water but it goes something like this

eat naughty food which is high in salt - body retains water - drinking water the next day makes us pee - pee out water retention and debloat (and get glowey skin) :)

Anyway i thought id share with you a workout of Cassey's that you can take to the gym or do at home

click here to watch the video, she shows great alternatives if you do not have the equipment :)

It is a great workout and handy to print out and take with you to the gym...i substituted hollow rocks for  40 crunches because i just cant do hollow rocks...she has others in the series...4 i think but i haven't got round to doing the others yet but i will and i shall blog once they are done!

Heres me when i did it the other day...#sweatypic

SO GO DO IT...unless you're having an 'urgh' day then go back to bed, have a bath, paint your nails, anything that is relaxing....for me im baking...i looooove to bake! today i'm decorating a birthday cake i've been asked to do...its going to be covered in so much chocolate its probably going to give them all the sugar shakes...but it's not me eating it so what the hell! Maybe ill even post a picture so you can all drool over it praying that your cheat meal will hurry the hell up!!


Lots of hardwork and dedication


2% down

Okay so I had my body analysis done 3 weeks ago...not know what a body analysis is?
 well it says it in the name...its an analysis of your body...what you are made of in terms of fat a muscle...i was really happy with my results...18% body fat with a muscle mass of 41.8kg not bad....then yesterday i had it done again...thinking i had gained weight i was very skeptical about my results BUT although i had gained .7kg i had LOST 2% body fat and gained 1.5kg of muscle! I nearly fell over (just kidding but i was very happy) One of the best results was the visceral fat rating...which is basically the fat around your internal organs...mine is as low as it can be (unless you can get zero but i'm not sure you can) and i maintained that over the three me knowing that i am healthy on the inside is one of the best things to be told because you can see the benefits on the inside so to know what im doing is making me healthy is a great feeling.

Heres my body analysis's

So how have i done it? Pure hard work and may have noticed i sign all of my posts  'lots of hardwork and dedication' and there is a reason for that....its the only thing that will get you cant half arse a workout or slack on your diet and expect to see a change....also for the record when i say the D word (diet) i don't mean starving yourself to the brink of death i mean eating good whole foods that fuel your body for a positive attitude CLEAN EATING

So i have been doing a lot of this...

Crossfit style workouts are the best way to get fat off your body because it is never the same so your body doesn't get used to what you are doing, you can do so much with this style of workout and it can be great fun (as well as pure hardwork). A lot of people think that running on the treadmill for an hour everyday will get them nice lean shape BUT ladies you need muscle so that you can optimise your metabolism (thing that burns calories) even when you are doing nothing

I've been eating a lot of these...

Until recently i have been eating ALOT of fruit....but apparently all the sugar in fruit causes your body to store fat...who knew? not me thats for sure! but since i've cut down to one or two pieces a day and swapped on to veggies i feel less bloated and my tummy is flatter which was one of my main goals.

I couldn't have done it with out the encouragement of all the gym instructors...finding a gym that you feel comfortable and happy in is so important because it means you are confident to try new things. There is a group of us who go the cross fit classes every morning i like to call us TEAM AMAZING because lets face it we achieve more by 7am that most people achieve in a day! They also keep me going when i want to give up!

So, train hard, eat well and find a gym (or a group of people) that you can workout with and have fun doing it but remember it is okay to have a cheat meal once a week AND I SAY CHEAT MEAL because i mean can't have a whole cheat day because lets face it that is just full out plan a cheat meal it will give you something to look forward too!

Im still working on my one week clean eating diet plan so keep your eyes peeled for that in the next week or so!

Have you achieved anything this week that you are proud of? Let me know i would love to know!!

Lots of hardwork & dedication


Getting personal

So i thought it was time to get a bit personal and share with you my progress so far.

As you have gathered i love being at the gym i go twice a day and wouldn't have it any other way....well until i had to go back and work at the pub...which means that i sometimes work until 2am leaving me absolutely shattered in the mornings so trying to make 6.30 classes is a struggle but i have to say i finished at 12 last night and i got up at 5.45 this morning and guess what I SURVIVED! no i didn't want to go, i wanted to stay in bed but i made myself get up and i was really glad i did because it was such a good class (blog to follow) and i feel so much better for going.

Okay lets cut to the chase...these pictures were taken just over a week apart and over the course of the 8 days i ate really clean and trained twice a day. I was actually really shocked with the progress i made in just a week...the main change i made that week was with my diet, by cleaning it all up and eating fresh foods i actually done my self proud and yes i have drawn a crop top on one of them i wasn't expecting to use the image haha

So this week im going to try really hard to get back to eating clean as i've kind of been slacking in the kitchen recently but to me the proof is in the picture and it goes to show what a little discipline can do for you. Everything i know about diet is really learnt on the internet i do a lot of research into whats good for me and what changes i can make to help me progress. I'm trying to share all that i know but it is taking a long time (i guess that just means i have a big brain full of lots of information) but i promise to keep on sharing and hopefully inspiring

No matter what stage you are at in your fitness journey take a picture of yourself so that you can create you own progress picture just remember to put a sports bra on :)

Lots of hardwork and dedication


My first post

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog where I will write about everything and anything to do with gym and healthy eating as well as bad habits. So it will sort of become a documentary of my life I guess.

Lets go back to the beginning...

When I started my first year of university I was drinking a lot and eating far too much, but it was the first time I every had to properly fend for myself...I could give you all the excuses under the sun but lets face it I just lost control. I had a wonderful boyfriend who I was very settled with (and still am by the way), so I wasn't very conscious of the fact I was gaining weight and even when I became aware it didn't bother me, until I went home for christmas and weighed myself just before starting my second term and realised I had gained nearly 2 stone.... now I wouldn't say I was over weight but I definitely had excess weight that I didn't need, I felt sluggish and generally really crap so I decided it was time to do something about it. So on my journey back to Leicester I got my final McDonalds and enjoyed every mouthful knowing it would be my final one for a while I knew I had to gain control over my body. 

So the next day I done a healthy food shop and joined the gym. I was obsessed with The biggest loser USA and so I bought Jillian Michael's 30 day shred dvd (which I couldn't rate highly enough – look out for my review on it) and I started going to the gym every morning and doing the DVD in the evening alongside a really strict diet (I made it up myself I don't buy into all these pay for diets...maybe ill do a separate post on what I was eating and how you can create your own diet plan) 

The exercise was fine but the diet was hard as I was so strict with myself - but I wanted results fast. I had reached just over 10st, which for my 5ft 4 frame is quite a lot.

I had to realise that the weight took more than a week to go on so it would take more than a week to come off.

But it did, I lost the 2 stone I had gained and got back down to 8 stone, the only issue was is that I looked like a skeleton even my boyfriend told me I looked ill - so I had to find a balance. 

I am now a healthy 8st 7lb or around about and am trying to gain more muscle and eat clean...I’ve started to appreciate that its not about how skinny you are but about your health. 

I go to the gym nearly everyday and do cross fit, MMA, and spin, I love being at the gym - especially the one I’ve joined back home. I’m trying really hard to live a clean lifestyle but while I still live at home (half my time spent at my boyfriends families home) it is hard to eat natural organic foods...but I try my best

Anyway this is a fairly lengthy welcome post I will add a few more posts over the next few days 

Lots of love & hard work and dedication