Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Luck has nothing to do with it

There are a small handful of people in this world who can stay slim while eating a load of crap and very rarely working out...which everyone thinks is great and become envious...but why? no matter how slim a person is, if all they do is shovel fat ridden sugar infested foods into their gobs then they are not healthy...your body shape doesn't determine you health and while yes being slim is great surely your internal health should mean a lot more to you? (plus if you make smart choices with your food your body will show the world your smart choices)

But what really bugs me is that i don't stay slim while eating a load of crap, in fact if i even sniff as much as a chinese takeaway i'm sure i gain 10 pounds, so when people say 'you're so lucky you're so slim' it really gets on my nerves because luck has nothing to do with it. I workout nearly every day and 2 or 3 days a week i workout twice a day....i am always conscious of what i put into my body (obviously apart from cheat meals) so thats how i stay slim...and its not easy, in fact it is actually quite hard to have strict control of what you eat...working out is the easy bit...how hard is it to go and workout for an hour i mean you have another 23 hours in the day and thats where its hard because for those 23 hours you must control what you put into your mouth. But its not impossible you just have to want it bad enough

So if its not luck what is it? I keep saying it over and over and in fact i sign all my blog posts with it...it is sheer hard work and dedication nothing more and nothing less.

So put the excuses away stop thinking that luck has missed you out and go clean up your cupboards and go kick some ass in the gym!

Have a great tuesday! also check back later for a kitchen disaster that actually turned out to be a kitchen revelation (well i think so anyway), its zesty healthy and sweet but above all its super clean and super good for you....

Lots of hardwork & dedication