Wednesday, 10 July 2013

2% down

Okay so I had my body analysis done 3 weeks ago...not know what a body analysis is?
 well it says it in the name...its an analysis of your body...what you are made of in terms of fat a muscle...i was really happy with my results...18% body fat with a muscle mass of 41.8kg not bad....then yesterday i had it done again...thinking i had gained weight i was very skeptical about my results BUT although i had gained .7kg i had LOST 2% body fat and gained 1.5kg of muscle! I nearly fell over (just kidding but i was very happy) One of the best results was the visceral fat rating...which is basically the fat around your internal organs...mine is as low as it can be (unless you can get zero but i'm not sure you can) and i maintained that over the three me knowing that i am healthy on the inside is one of the best things to be told because you can see the benefits on the inside so to know what im doing is making me healthy is a great feeling.

Heres my body analysis's

So how have i done it? Pure hard work and may have noticed i sign all of my posts  'lots of hardwork and dedication' and there is a reason for that....its the only thing that will get you cant half arse a workout or slack on your diet and expect to see a change....also for the record when i say the D word (diet) i don't mean starving yourself to the brink of death i mean eating good whole foods that fuel your body for a positive attitude CLEAN EATING

So i have been doing a lot of this...

Crossfit style workouts are the best way to get fat off your body because it is never the same so your body doesn't get used to what you are doing, you can do so much with this style of workout and it can be great fun (as well as pure hardwork). A lot of people think that running on the treadmill for an hour everyday will get them nice lean shape BUT ladies you need muscle so that you can optimise your metabolism (thing that burns calories) even when you are doing nothing

I've been eating a lot of these...

Until recently i have been eating ALOT of fruit....but apparently all the sugar in fruit causes your body to store fat...who knew? not me thats for sure! but since i've cut down to one or two pieces a day and swapped on to veggies i feel less bloated and my tummy is flatter which was one of my main goals.

I couldn't have done it with out the encouragement of all the gym instructors...finding a gym that you feel comfortable and happy in is so important because it means you are confident to try new things. There is a group of us who go the cross fit classes every morning i like to call us TEAM AMAZING because lets face it we achieve more by 7am that most people achieve in a day! They also keep me going when i want to give up!

So, train hard, eat well and find a gym (or a group of people) that you can workout with and have fun doing it but remember it is okay to have a cheat meal once a week AND I SAY CHEAT MEAL because i mean can't have a whole cheat day because lets face it that is just full out plan a cheat meal it will give you something to look forward too!

Im still working on my one week clean eating diet plan so keep your eyes peeled for that in the next week or so!

Have you achieved anything this week that you are proud of? Let me know i would love to know!!

Lots of hardwork & dedication