Thursday, 11 July 2013

One of those 'urgh' days

Today when my alarm went off i really wasn't feeling a workout...but feeling like i was cheating myself i got up and went to the gym....BUT i should have listened to my body...i was tired and when i got to the gym i struggled through the workout...i didn't even make it to the end and now i feel crap...where as if i had listened to my body and had a longer sleep i would probably feel 100x better now.

So i just want to highlight the importance of listening to your body...its dawned on me that i am probably training too much (though i have cut back a bit) and i need to learn that it's okay to take a few days off so long as I go hard on the days I train and make sure I keep on track with my eating habits.

So while we are on the subject of taking time out make sure you have a cheat meal...i mentioned this the other day but it is important that you give your body what it wants rather than what is needs on this very special occasion...i call it a special occasion because that is what it should meal, one day a week, nothing more! An amazing blogger i follow religiously, Cassey Ho (blogilates) likes to call it a YOLO meal, which, although i hate that saying it kind of seems appropriate because it is a reminder that while we should look after our bodies on the inside and out, we should remember that we only get on life so indulging every now and again is okay!


I don't like cheat meals because i always feel like ive gained 10 pounds and un done all of my hard work BUT one of the very nice instructors at the gym today, actually his the owner of the gym, Al, told me that the next day we should sip on water as the reason we bloat/puff up/feel the size of a house is because our skin sucks all of the salt out of our food and retains water weight....which kind of seems ironic that we should then drink water but it goes something like this

eat naughty food which is high in salt - body retains water - drinking water the next day makes us pee - pee out water retention and debloat (and get glowey skin) :)

Anyway i thought id share with you a workout of Cassey's that you can take to the gym or do at home

click here to watch the video, she shows great alternatives if you do not have the equipment :)

It is a great workout and handy to print out and take with you to the gym...i substituted hollow rocks for  40 crunches because i just cant do hollow rocks...she has others in the series...4 i think but i haven't got round to doing the others yet but i will and i shall blog once they are done!

Heres me when i did it the other day...#sweatypic

SO GO DO IT...unless you're having an 'urgh' day then go back to bed, have a bath, paint your nails, anything that is relaxing....for me im baking...i looooove to bake! today i'm decorating a birthday cake i've been asked to do...its going to be covered in so much chocolate its probably going to give them all the sugar shakes...but it's not me eating it so what the hell! Maybe ill even post a picture so you can all drool over it praying that your cheat meal will hurry the hell up!!


Lots of hardwork and dedication