Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday madness

Afternoon all

have you worked out yet? If not have no fear i have finished work and finally have time to share with you the workout i did this morning...This one is curtsy of remember if you do this workout and want to thank or abuse him head over to the Zest facebook page and let him know.

Now i'm not going to lie it was a HARD workout but it is extremely satisfying when you have finished it.

 But what Lloyd fail to write was that tuck jumps are actually squat to a tuck jump...i no he led me into a false sense of security as well.

So on round one do it exactly as in the picture
On round two reduce all the 50 reps to 25
and on the final round reduce everything to 15 (except stair runs and the 0.25 mile sprint)

Or if you wanna go completely crazy and have the time do what you see 3 times

Okay so if you are working out at home here are some modifications...

  • no dumbbells for the burpee press? go find some cans of beans or water bottle
  • No kettle bells...find something heavy that you can get a good grip on for the kettlebell swing
  • No stairs...go ahead and do mountain climbers for 2 minutes
  • No pull up bar? like ive said before hold heavy weights above your head and jump :)
  • Knee raise's...just do 25 crunches if you have no where to hang from 
Good luck! I felt great after completing this workout and i'm sure you will too!!

Let me know if you try it :)

Lots of hardwork and dedication