Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Don't be afraid to lift heavy

My main goal at the moment is to get stronger, to begin with I was scared I was going to bulk up and look like I was on steroids if I lifted heavy weights but the truth is that as a women you will just tone and define your muscles, you have to be incredible focused to start getting body building type muscles as we girls don't have high testosterone which is the muscle building hormone! 

So I decided to start upping my weights, if you read my post on Monday I spoke about pushing out of our comfort zones! And then in the rig class tonight jan said we were working on technique and lifting heavy PERFECT! So we worked on a deadlift, power clean and clean and press...get your technique right and then up your weights as much as you can do sets of 8-10 but as you get heavier you should be looking to fail around 8. This is a goal I want to work towards, keep practicing do I can hopefully see what my body can actually achieve!

After that I went on to spin! A great way to finish a heavy weights session...I highly recommend trying spin...I have a love hate relationship with it...but it is turning into a bit more love than hate! 

If you live in the sudbury area remember you can pay as you go at zest so if there are any classes you want to try come down and try it out...they also give you your first class free...and as an added bonus for a short time they are offering new members a one off month of £20!!

And to finish off as it is nearing the time I go on holiday I found a workout on Pinterest that you can do anywhere...I plan on doing a workout on the beach :) 


Lots of hardwork and dedication