Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tuesday talk #1

So i've been trying to put together an ideal day of what i eat so that i can share it with you and so that you can see thats its not bland to eat clean :)

So on the menu is...

Breakfast: Protein shake mixed with Almond milk, Wheetabix with almond milk, banana and fat free yoghurt

Elevensies: Usually a granola bar and raisins

Lunch: lots and lots of veggies, a wholewheat bagel with homous - Moroccan is my fave

3'oclock munchies: protein shake

Dinner: Chicken, roasted veg and sweet potato with some coleslaw

Sweet tooth: Strawberry and Banana home made ice creams

Also drink lots and lots of water :)

I think i might make this a feature on tuesdays... hopefully give you some good ideas of what to eat and how you can mix and match to create you own ideal day :)

Coming later tonight Danielle's (better than reeces) protein peanut butter cups...eeeeeep so excited

Lots of hardwork and dedication