A true humpday inspiration and workout

Me and my mum have always been very close, we do a lot together and most recently (the past couple of years) we have been on fitness journeys together. I always say how great it is to have someone to encourage you and over the past couple of years we have both encouraged each other, we have both had times when our diets have been appalling and we couldn't be bothered to get our backsides to the gym but i can't tell you how amazing it is that we are both on track inspiring and encouraging each other to be better and do better.

This post this morning is dedicated to my mumma, i've been wanting to write it for a while but today seemed appropriate, as for those of you who don't know me (or her) she has MS and today after months of not being on treatment she starts a very new treatment to help lower the chance of her relapses.

You can't see MS so to the world my mum looks very healthy and 'normal' but she hides her pain very well and by keeping a positive attitude, eating well and exercising she has done amazing, i am so proud of her for never giving up and i'm pretty sure she will be dragging me to MMA tonight.

She made me laugh last night, i think she was more worried about missing rig this morning than actually starting her treatment. but don't worry mumma i will upload the workout and we can go do it together....though i urge you see what it involves before taking me up on this offer. i'm sure reading it will help raise your heart rate mum ;)

So on this hump day i want you to think truly about who or what inspires you and let the world know, they might not even know how much of an affect they have on your life!

And i also want you to think about it like this....exercise hard and push your limits while you can, it really is the best therapy.

So your hump day workout...

The exercises are very simple but take a while, if you are unsure of any have a little look on you tube...i am hoping to make a video which explains a lot of the exercises that i put up on here so that you can watch it and become familiar with it

Attack the day people

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Monday Madness Three

So as i mentioned in this mornings post todays workout was about team work. We were in two teams and we each paired up with someone on the other team...there was then 4 exercises one of which was the time decider, so you would keep going on your exercise until the person on the time deciding excersise was finished. It was a great way to encourage your team mates and your was about beating the other team but instead about working together and finishing together...OMG IM BAKING PROTEIN BROWNIES AND THEY JUST SMELL SO DELICIOUS!

Anyway sorry just though id inform you of how lovely the summer house is smelling!

So anyway you can do this on your own if you want to and just do each exercise for 1.30minutes and do each set twice :)

If you're following my 5 day challenge you can do this as well but remember i want you to do Monday Madness 2 (last weeks one)

Im looking forward to sharing my brownie recipe with you :)

Anyway im going for dinner now i didn't realise the time and im starving...luckily for me my amazing mumma meal prepped for us for the whole week....tonight im having lamb burgers with roasted veg and a yoghurt and mint dip! YUM!

Lots of hardwork & dedication



well i spose friday is nearly over but time has just got away with me today...but here is your TGIF workout...its a toughie but really good

This is a great workout because their is very little equipment involved :)

Hope you are all getting ready for the challenge starting on monday...i've made a few tweaks and am hoping to upload it for you tomorrow so you have an extra day to get yourselves ready :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of hardwork and dedication 

Laughing is good for the abs

Do you ever laugh so much that your abs just feel like they are popping out of your skin? Well i think laughing is the best way to tone your tummy, if i spend all day laughing with someone i feel like ive done 1million crunches. So last night my boyfriend was winding me up with this stupid 'yea' noise, so i punched him and then after telling me i was spiteful (oops, i just don't know my own strength haha) he asked me if i knew why he was doing it, clearly thinking he just wanted to wind me up i didn't realise it was from this hilarious i thought id share it with just gets funnier each time you watch it...

You might have seen it already but I hadn't...omg i was in stitches and better yet....THERE IS ANOTHER ONE...

pure genius!!

So anyway now you've had your giggle its time for an ab challenge...we did something similar to this in class the other day after feel the burn 3, so if you're feeling hardcore, do Feel the burn 3 and then do this ab challenge

It may look easy but trust me this should burn your core!!

Enjoy, and i shall upload TGIF workout a bit later on when i get in from work!

Happy friday everyone! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

P.s watch them videos again i know you want to :) 


Total Insanity

Morning all,

I don't usually go to the gym thursday mornings because it's my day off work! However yesterday after the class a group of us decided we would come down the gym and in the dance studio we would do insanity, and i can't resist a bit of Shaun T so i decided to go, even though rumour has it he is gay :(.

My aunty lent me insanity a couple of years ago but i didn't have the room in my university house to do it...but i watched a couple of them and OMG i wanted to die just watching them, i did try a couple when i was home and they were good so i thought i'd give it a go this morning and it was so good, it was so different to what we do in the cross fit classes so it was good to mix it up and you don't need any equipment.

Now i'm not saying go out and buy this as it is over £100 and i wasn't sure if i would be allowed to make a printable of what we did because i wasn't sure if i could get in trouble and get my blog cancelled (waaah!) and it wouldn't really be the same intensity or pace.

BUT have no fear

I found the video on youtube muahahaha some guy has filmed himself doing it but you can hear all of Shaun T's instructions....i would do this for you but i look like a dying seal when i workout and it might be a little embarrassing, however our little fitness group who i like to call team awesome are hoping to get T25 and do it some mornings so i might see if they would mind me filming everyone if not i might just suck it up and brave it  :)

And if you want more subscribe to this guys youtube channel he has them ALL!!!

So this is your thursday workout i hope you like it, i know you can't see Shaun T but print a picture off and stick it next to your laptop YUM!!

I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been viewing, following and actually using my blog! I usually get around 100-200 views a day depending on how many posts i put up but today my blog has already been viewed 300 times!!!!!! before i even posted so thank you so much <3

Lots of hardwork and dedication (and Shaun T loving)


Feel the burn three

Hi all!

Welcome to feel the burn three, your hump day workout!

please excuse the squiggly lines, as i've said i'm having to make these on word and when i print screen i sometimes forget to removed the stupid lines...unfortunately i shut it down without saving it!

Anyway, as all feel the burns, it is circuit training...i've changed a few exercises so that you can do it at home with little equipment...

okay so butt blasters...i didn't no what to name this station but it hurt my butt so thats how i came to the decision...

find something to put your feet on so that you are in a declined push up position (hands lower than feet)
then step one leg down, return it and then alternate with the other leg :)

Hope you like your hump day workout! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Don't be afraid to lift heavy

My main goal at the moment is to get stronger, to begin with I was scared I was going to bulk up and look like I was on steroids if I lifted heavy weights but the truth is that as a women you will just tone and define your muscles, you have to be incredible focused to start getting body building type muscles as we girls don't have high testosterone which is the muscle building hormone!

So I decided to start upping my weights, if you read my post on Monday I spoke about pushing out of our comfort zones! And then in the rig class tonight jan said we were working on technique and lifting heavy PERFECT! So we worked on a deadlift, power clean and clean and press...get your technique right and then up your weights as much as you can do sets of 8-10 but as you get heavier you should be looking to fail around 8. This is a goal I want to work towards, keep practicing do I can hopefully see what my body can actually achieve!

After that I went on to spin! A great way to finish a heavy weights session...I highly recommend trying spin...I have a love hate relationship with it...but it is turning into a bit more love than hate! 

If you live in the sudbury area remember you can pay as you go at zest so if there are any classes you want to try come down and try it out...they also give you your first class free...and as an added bonus for a short time they are offering new members a one off month of £20!!

And to finish off as it is nearing the time I go on holiday I found a workout on Pinterest that you can do anywhere...I plan on doing a workout on the beach :) 


Lots of hardwork and dedication 

Monday madness #2

Here is your monday workout...its a toughie but so good! Make sure you push yourself, if you have access yo heavier weights, try lifting heavier it doesn't matter if you have to drop back down but how can we expect to change if we do what we always do?

So this is part of the monday madness series, which belong to Lloyd. I decided it would be easier to name the workouts the same thing (based on which insturctor came up with them) so that if you prefer a particular style of these workout you can maybe do the series of them when there is enough. 

I hope these printables are okay, unfortunately i no longer have access to photoshop so i am having to do them on word...

Enjoy the can tweet me to let me know you are doing it @daniellejade0 or if you want to send me a sweaty pic on instagram its @myfatscrying - get social media active people and let me know what you want to see! 

Happy monday!

Lots of hardwork and dedication 



Welcome to your second TGIF workout...they just get harder and harder...I think Duncan plans these death workouts as a way of punishing us for making him be out of bed for 6am....

so here it is...

As always i've changed some exercises to make them at home friendly...but i left the monkey bar swings as an option because they're so much fun and if you are working out at a park you should be able to do them :)

Everything is pretty self explanatory except cobra push ups maybe so here is a quick video as a demonstration :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

Here is your hump day workout guys!

OMG all of my energy is zapped today, i fell asleep when i got in from work for 2 hours hence why this workout is coming to you a little late...but better late than if you haven't worked out today this is sure to give you a great cardio burn as well as building some lean muscle which we all know is essential for burning fat right?

can you see a resemblance to cardio burn 1? thats because Steve follows they same format but changes up the exercises each week which i really enjoy because i know what to all of Steve's workouts will be collected into the titled 'cardio burn' :)

So a couple of notes....i changed a few of the exercises so that this can be done anywhere....remember on a kettlebell swing you can just use anything that you can get a good grip on...switch arms after 30 seconds.

For chest flys lie on your back arms extended to the sides with a weight in each hand, then lift both arms up to meet each other directly over your chest (arms still extended)

I this hurts you as much as it hurt me :) I also did 30 minutes of spin after so if you want to go completely beast mode why not go for a run/powerwalk/bike ride :)

ENJOY...that body isn't going to happen by itself ;)

lots of hardwork and dedication


Bubble Butt workout

Okay have you heard that song called Bubble Butt by Major Lazer? its literally on the radio all the time at the moment so i decided that this workout should be named after this song AND my butt is killing after doing this workout so its kind of fitting.

Now in true blonde fashion i forgot to take a picture of the workout we did this morning and there was a lot to it so i've been trying to remember it as best as i can

I know it looks horrendous right? It is! try doing it while you are still a little bit hungover :( waaah! but i survived so you will too!

This is curtsy of LLoyd so if you need someone to thank for being able to 'turn around, stick it out and show the world you have a bubble butt' Lloyd will be the one :)

It is truly an insult to music that song but unfortunately its kind of catchy so download it turn it up loud and begin this workout!

LEt me know how you are finding these workouts! Are they to hard? do you want anything a bit easier? bit harder maybe? or anything else, just let me know!

Anyway im off to attempt to make some peanut butter cups, wish me luck!!

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Feel the burn workout

If unlike me you are feeling fresh today here is a workout for you to do on this sunday afternoon! I did this the other day and it sure gets your heart rate up. I've changed a few of the exercises so that you can do it where ever you are. However, if like me someone forced you to drink waaaaay to much last night why not just try this one in the morning :) I don't drink very often so when i do i suffer big time with!!

So i've made it in to a printable again so that you can take it with you and this time you can tick off each exercise as you go :)

Steve put this workout together, his circuits are always cardio intense so they are really good for getting that fat off :)

Enjoy your sunday!

Lots of hardwork and dedication



Morning all,

IM OFFICIALLY A GRADUATE!! and now have much more time on my hands...i have so much to blog about that i'm not sure where to start, i have a lot to catch up on so make sure to check back regularly but i thought id just give you todays workout and then sort of work backwards over the weekend!

So i thought id try something a little different today...i created a little image that you can print and take with you as i know that sometimes there are a lot of exercises to try and remember so here it is...

It should take around 30/40 minutes to complete but don't worry if it takes you longer just remember to keep good form and do it with 100% effort! So most of the exercises i have modified so that you can do this workout at home but if you have no stairs just go ahead and do mountain climbers for two minutes!! 

For the Bicep curl to shoulder press just take a weight in each hand or something heavier and use two hands, curl it into your chest and push above your head :)

Press ups to failure basically means do as many as you can until your body won't physically let you do any more, you should be able to do 100 if you drop down to your knees but this should make you burn out :)

I hope you like the little design and that it makes it easier for you to complete these workouts...Oh BTW Duncan put us through this workout so as always if you are looking for someone to thank or abuse head over to

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to keep active and make smart choices that your future self will thank you for!

Lots of hardwork & dedication


Your hump day workout

This morning we done an awesome cardio burn circuit and I can't wait to share it with you BUT a lot of my readers don't have access to the gym so I'm going to make it into a little printable that you can take anywhere even the park :) I mean why not make the most if this weather and catch a tan while working towards that body you so desperately want? So i shall do this sometime over the weekend as i am GRADUATING tomorrow so dont have the time today or tomorrow :)!!

So as a little workout (though dont be fooled its so hard) I thought if share with you the 100 BURPEE BURNOUT oh yes it will make you sweat but it's very satisfying :) 

So you do 10 of each variation of burpee - there are 10 variations hence the name 100 burpee burnout :)

So some are self explanatory some not so much...

Down down up up - do your burpee when you are in the press up position go down to your elbows push back up to your hands then jump up -that's 1 

Half super man - burpee, then when your in the press up position lift opposite arm and leg, then switch then jump back up  

One arm and one leg are exactly that....make sure to switch over half way through these two sets 

Front kick - burpee, get up and kick out in front of you on each leg

Shoulder tap - burpee, when you are in press up position tap opposite hand to shoulder, do both shoulders then jump up

Hip twists, do the same as down down up up, when you reach the down position twist one hip to the floor and then the other push back up and jump up 

Leg swings - do your regular burpee but instead of jumping the legs straight behind you, jump them to the side 

Tuck jump burpee - do a regular burpee but thus time when you jump up you are going to do a tuck jump :) 

And that's that, it should take around 15 minutes so what I want you to do is run 1 mile before and 1 mile after to make this into a full workout

I think I might upload a video of this so you can see me doing it but that won't be for a few days :) so have a go and just make sure you sweat 

Lots of hardwork & dedication


Monday madness

Afternoon all

have you worked out yet? If not have no fear i have finished work and finally have time to share with you the workout i did this morning...This one is curtsy of remember if you do this workout and want to thank or abuse him head over to the Zest facebook page and let him know.

Now i'm not going to lie it was a HARD workout but it is extremely satisfying when you have finished it.

 But what Lloyd fail to write was that tuck jumps are actually squat to a tuck jump...i no he led me into a false sense of security as well.

So on round one do it exactly as in the picture
On round two reduce all the 50 reps to 25
and on the final round reduce everything to 15 (except stair runs and the 0.25 mile sprint)

Or if you wanna go completely crazy and have the time do what you see 3 times

Okay so if you are working out at home here are some modifications...

  • no dumbbells for the burpee press? go find some cans of beans or water bottle
  • No kettle bells...find something heavy that you can get a good grip on for the kettlebell swing
  • No stairs...go ahead and do mountain climbers for 2 minutes
  • No pull up bar? like ive said before hold heavy weights above your head and jump :)
  • Knee raise's...just do 25 crunches if you have no where to hang from 
Good luck! I felt great after completing this workout and i'm sure you will too!!

Let me know if you try it :)

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Oh my quad!!

Good morning,

So I thought id share with you this mornings workout...

Yes i know it looks horrendous...and it was. HOWEVER it was a very good workout, the workouts that make you pull stupid faces like 'what the hell' and 'i'm sure i'll die if i do this' usually are the good ones...we only have a half hour class in the morning and so the big x3 that you see was a little unachievable BUT it makes you go faster to try and complete as much as you can...I managed one and a half rounds in the 30 minutes but carried on to complete two full rounds...

So here is how it works

If you are at the gym you can do every thing on the board as i'm sure your gym will have the basic equipment needed...however here are some modifications if you are missing some stairs or a place to do chin ups

do 35 burpees to warm up


  • 25 chin up 25 press ups 20 chin-ups 20 press ups 15 chin-ups 15 press ups 10 chin-ups 10 press ups 

simples unless you have no where to do chin ups... as an alternative find some heavy dumbbells hold them above your head and jump up as high as you can)

  • now go for a 0.2 mile sprint (or sprint on the spot for 1 minute 30)

shake your legs out because you are about to understand why i titled this post 'oh my quad'...

  • 25 squats 25 squat jumps 20 squats 20 squat jumps 15 squats 15 squat jumps 10 squats 10 squat jumps

Now for some lovely stair the gym we are lucky to have two sets of stairs that lead to other training areas...if you are at home i'm sure you have stairs (unless you live in a bungalow which would be unfortunate for this workout)

MODIFICATION - 30 second mountain climbers

  • So run up the stairs or do 30 second mountain climbers
  • 10 crunches
  • run back down or do 30 second mountain climbers
  • 5 burpees

repeat this section for a total of 10 rounds

To finish off row 500m or if you are without a rower run half a mile

and when you finish all of have completed ONE WHOLE ROUND!! so you only have two more!

NOW i would like to again remind you that i have not made this workout up...we have Duncan the instructor from the gym to thank for this torture :) so remember if you make it to the end and have time (and live near) pop in to the gym and let him know how hard it was...or if you're so dead you can't make it to the gym go to the Zest page on facebook ( ) and THANK HIM or abuse him for the pain.

Completely off subject but i'm too excited not to share this of my best friends Vanessa (the girl who inspires motivational mondays) won entry into the color run UK in london and guess who she asked to do it with her...ME!! and im soooo excited! I've wanted to do one for years and its finally come to the UK!! so i shall post after sunday all about the days events!!

Lots of hardwork and dedication
Okay so i thought id share with you some fitspiration

Since i moved back from uni i decided to channel my energy into the gym again because i love being at the gym so i joined zest ( if you are ever in the area you MUST check it out. The staff are so friendly and helpful and push you to your limits but don't make you feel useless if you can't lift the heavy weights. So Ive been doing a lot of cross fit style circuits at the gym...this is my death at 6am every morning

You never no what you are going to be doing that day which i kind of like because it means i can never  convince myself not to go we do a range of things like pull ups, push ups, chest flys, box jumps, knee ups, sit ups, burpees, mountin climbers, sprints, deadlifts, shoulder press, kettle bell swings....the list goes on.

If you are looking to spice up your boring running biking and cross training routine try adding in a little circuit

Why no try this?

5 burpees
10 press ups
15 sit ups
20 squats

doing all of these equals one round

You go for 20 minutes and do as many rounds as you can this is called AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) I done this in fightclub the other night and literally wanted to die BUT i felt amazing afterwards :)

If you try it let me know how you find it and how many rounds you complete
Lots of hardwork and dedication


So as this week is about NO EXCUSES i thought id share a little story about a personal no excuse which will probably make your hump day a little bit brighter...

This morning i went to my 6.30am cross fit class knowing it was going to be tough as the trainer had already told me it was chest, shoulders and arms....which are my weakest body part....anyhoo i went and felt like i was beasting it until i got to maybe the 5th station....a resistant band which you had to put round your body and then run out to i struggled with this to begin with, i just couldn't get it it was getting towards the end of the minute and i decided to really go for it and well here is the result...

I know it looks soooooo funny...and it definitely is but my back doesn't think so.

But the motto of this post is that after having a lil laugh and cry i got straight back up and finished the rest of the class so NO EXCUSES matter your excuse push through it and BEAST IT!

Lots of Hardwork & Dedication