Sunday, 28 July 2013

Whim #6

My Ryan Gosling motivation went down really well last week, infact it is the most viewed post that i have done haha so i thought id continue with this sort of i bring you... the god of all men...


So no excuses...if you need to print this off and take it to the gym with you do so, or stick it on your fridge or snack cupboard because who would want to disappoint that? certainly not me!

We had a BBQ yesterday for my graduation, and i ate far too much food, i think i ate my body weight in crisps (my biggest downfall) so when my alarm went off i hit off and rolled over....but i felt bad and the gym gods wouldn't let me go back to sleep so off i went and i'm glad i did. It was a really good workout, as always (which i shall post later) and i really pushed myself today and lifted heavier than i usually would. and i proved to myself that i can do it, it may take me a little longer to complete the reps but i got there and i saw a progression and i felt really proud of myself. So do something today that you can feel proud of and that reflects what you have been working towards, push out of your comfort zone and you will be amazed with what you can achieve!

Happy Monday

Lots of hardwork and dedication

p.s - god i love a p.s don't i? I'm working on a '5 day clean up' i was hoping to post it yesterday but time got away with me so i shall post it later on and hopefully you will all join me!

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speaking of recipes our summer house is finally finished which means i get to do all my baking in there and it is so pretty and full of pretty cooking things i'm so excited!!!