Monday, 22 July 2013

Bubble Butt workout

Okay have you heard that song called Bubble Butt by Major Lazer? its literally on the radio all the time at the moment so i decided that this workout should be named after this song AND my butt is killing after doing this workout so its kind of fitting.

Now in true blonde fashion i forgot to take a picture of the workout we did this morning and there was a lot to it so i've been trying to remember it as best as i can

I know it looks horrendous right? It is! try doing it while you are still a little bit hungover :( waaah! but i survived so you will too!

This is curtsy of LLoyd so if you need someone to thank for being able to 'turn around, stick it out and show the world you have a bubble butt' Lloyd will be the one :)

It is truly an insult to music that song but unfortunately its kind of catchy so download it turn it up loud and begin this workout!

LEt me know how you are finding these workouts! Are they to hard? do you want anything a bit easier? bit harder maybe? or anything else, just let me know!

Anyway im off to attempt to make some peanut butter cups, wish me luck!!

Lots of hardwork and dedication