Monday, 8 July 2013

(converted) Peanut Butter Lover

In a bid to eat cleaner I've ditched the Nutella and turned my attention to peanut butter and i have to admit it is growing on me!

So today for lunch i added in some peanut i hate sandwiches and i hate salad so lunch time can be quite a tricky meal for me but alas Wholemeal bagels have saved lunch times

So today i toasted my bagel and spread some peanut butter on it, added in some chicken and cucumber and woola! it was done! I thought it was really tasty but i guess some of you may find it a bit dry...but i dont like soggy foods so this is perfect for me!

What do you have for lunch usually? are you sure you are getting everything you need into your main meals?

This week i have sort of written myself a 'clean eating' going to share it once ive tried it out and tweaked some things...(and actually written it down because actually its in my head)


Lots of hardwork and dedication