Monday, 15 July 2013

My color run experience

Well I have just discovered blogger on my phone which means I can reach you anywhere any awesome ;) 

Any way so in a previous post I told you that I would be doing the color run...and I did! In 31 degree was extremely sweaty but such a great experience!

At every km there are volunteers with what I can only describe as ketchup bottles full of this powder and they squirt/chuck it on you...such a fun run. They don't give you a time because its meant to be for fun with no pressure so would be a great first race if you are new to running/fitness! 

It was crazy...15000 people all wanting to be coloured in like a rainbow and I got extremely covered in fact It won't come out of my blond girls (and boys) with blond hair don't be a douche like me wearing your hair down trying to make the headband look a bit cooler put your hair up and possibly wear a hat! Unless you don't mind having pink hair...I mind because I have to graduate on Thursday!

 I loved this sign because I thought it mimicked the title of my blog

And at the end they give you a pa let of colour and at the stage they have a finishers festival...they do a count down and then you all chuck colour into the sky and create a rainbow cloud...pure brilliance! 

I was also given coconut water for the first time, it's extremely good for you a d a perfect way to hydrate naturally with flavour! I will def be investing in some in the near future! 

So that was my experience! Have you done a color run? Would you like to do one? Let me know!! 

Lots of hardwork & dedication