Monday, 15 July 2013

Whim #4

Monday again... time really is just passing me by at the moment and so i thought today id share something with you that i stumbled upon on pinterest

Other than being very colourful which is always good for a monday morning the words also stuck me. Lately i've been wishing the time away because i just want to start my teacher training and why time seems to be doing what i want i think its important that we begin each day being grateful for something. Most of you reading my blog are most likely trying to change your bodies but while we are looking to the future to our 'ideal' bodies we should take the time to be grateful and happy with the bodies we have and even more so, be thankful that we have the ability and power to change what we think needs changing.

ANYWAY whim over! Make sure you start your week with a great workout, one that challenges you and make sure you SMASH it...i will be posting later the workout i did this morning which was an absolute killer but i feel great for doing it....I will also be sharing with you later my experience of the first ever UK color run so make sure you check back for those...I am also working on some healthy clean eating muffins which i can't wait to share with you :)

What are your plans this week? I graduate on thursday (OMG!!) which means i can't go to one of my favourite classes on wednesday evening as i will be at the hotel in Leicester (yuck) i might do a little hotel workout instead!

Happy monday

Lots of hardwork & dedication