Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday talk 4

So I know my posting has been a bit thin on the ground in comparison to some weeks but I've been so busy getting ready for my teaching course which gives me an insight into what it will be like when I'm actually teaching...don't worry the blog won't stop all together :)

So today I thought I'd talk about wanting to give up sometimes....today I found myself questioning why I try and eat not only healthy but clean, I think I had a strop on because at work there were so many tasty looking cakes, muffins and pastries and then the deal breaker was presented to me....a slice of heaven....no words to describe it....CHEESECAKE, I'm a sucker for cheesecake at the best of times but this was homemade and looked amazing and I tell you it was delicious!! I split the slice with another girl so it was only half a sin I guess. 

So anyway I realised that its okay to enjoy treats in moderation, you can stay healthy and clean and still indulge every so often especially if you are not trying to loose weight...so I've decided that while I still eat healthy and clean and am extremely active I'm going to share with you all my sweet yummy delicious recipes too because I love to bake and while healthyfying things is fun lets face it nothing is as good as a real treat :) but remember to have a focus, I do it for a healthy life :) 

Anyway, I also want to say LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES if you have a tinge of pain or an ache that you know is injury related GO AND GET IT SORTED....I have made a huge mistake and exercised through my very painful knee...I done ligament damage 5 years ago and it has always twanged but only when I exercised....but recently it's started hurting walking up stairs and today it just full on started hurting I can't even walk normally at the moment....I wish I went to get it sorted earlier but hindsight is a wonderful thing....I just hope that the dr doesn't say 'you need to stop exercising' because I won't so let's hope he is a bit more helpful! 

Anyway enough talking...here is another suggestion for your daily menu...

So there will be no Tuesday workout because I can't go as I'm a limping mess and Mondays was a hard one to share as it used a fair bit of equipment! But ill be going tomorrow so there will be a workout tomorrow 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

Monday, 12 August 2013

Motivational Monday

So today I bring you god...I discovered this beautiful man yesterday while watching his show 'fat: the fight of my life' because I love programmes like that but I had no idea how beautiful the trainer was....

I mean I know being morbidly obese must be hard but if you got to be motivated by this guy? Surely it can't be that hard!! 

I just wish people who kept themselves fit and healthy got to be trained by people like this....his name by the way is jessie pavelka incase you wanna find any more amazing pictures of him! 

As well as being very handsome he is also very encouraging and inspiring so stick him next to changing Tatum and Ryan gosling and imagine them all cheering you on!! Oh my hard I think I might die!! 

My best friend is starting the 5 day challenge today so I shall report on her progress at the end of the week!! 

Have a happy Monday!  

Lots of hardwork and dedication
Oh also jessie said this on the programme last night...he has def been reading my blog haha 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

End of the 5 day challenge

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of posting this week I've been a bit busy getting organised for my holiday and teacher training 

So id like to start by saying that I finished the 5 day challenge and my god I feel great...I lost 3 pounds and tighted up everywhere and if I'm not mistaken I can actually see abs starting to show...wahoo!! 

My mum also followed the plan and lost 4 pounds which is amazing, she said she didn't feel hungry at all and had more energy throughout the week which is great 

What a result...so if you did it let me know how you felt?! Also if maybe you were a bit skeptical about it why not give it a go this week? It's only 5 days and we got great results :) 

I'm in a great mind set now and will hopefully shred a bit more fat by the time I go on holiday in 9 days :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 3 of the 5 day challenge

Just a quick post to share with you a delicious meal i had this evening as part of the 5 day challenge

  • 2 Turkey sausages
  • Roasted veggies 
  • & sweet potato
Ive not had turkey sausages before but they were so yummy!! Really tasty. Have you tried anything new recently? I'm feeling really good after 3 days of clean eating, i hope if you are joining in you are feeling the benefits too!

I've also had a crack at working out my macros in terms of the lean gains training programme think i've done it right but i'm not sure now how i'm going to work out kcal from protein, fat and carbs...not sure i have the time to do it to be honest...but i'm going to give it a go soon.

Any way 
Lots of hardwork & dedication

Protein brownie chunks

Wahoo its finally here! sorry its taken me a while ive been playing about with the ingredients. The first batch i made tasted lovely but i felt like they were missing something...so i tried it an alternative way and to be honest it was no better so i went back to the original recipe as i preferred it...its always hard to make delicious treats healthy because you expect it to taste as rich and naughty as the real thing...but these were very moist, spongy and tasted lovely...but i do have a couple of tricks to give it a bit more sweetness...but for starters here is the recipe

So how does it compare?

Well a processed brownie of the same weight ... 165kcal, 6.6g fat, 1.8 sat fat, 25.7g carbs and only 2.1g of protein! 

WOW!! i think ill give in a little on flavour in the nutritional savings!

So here are my naughty ideas...a thin spread of nutella on top...nom nom! i love nutella....if i had to live off one thing without getting fat it would by far be nutella on cinnamon bagels MMM

an even naughtier idea is to melt 25g of nutella and swirl it into the mix...im deffo trying this soon...it adds around 11kcal to each chunk so not that much!

OH btw when you cut your brownies you should end up with around 13 chunks (if you make it in a round dish like me)....obviously if you have more or less chunks the macros will be altered :)

Anyway enjoy!

Lots of handwork and dedication 

A true humpday inspiration and workout

Me and my mum have always been very close, we do a lot together and most recently (the past couple of years) we have been on fitness journeys together. I always say how great it is to have someone to encourage you and over the past couple of years we have both encouraged each other, we have both had times when our diets have been appalling and we couldn't be bothered to get our backsides to the gym but i can't tell you how amazing it is that we are both on track inspiring and encouraging each other to be better and do better.

This post this morning is dedicated to my mumma, i've been wanting to write it for a while but today seemed appropriate, as for those of you who don't know me (or her) she has MS and today after months of not being on treatment she starts a very new treatment to help lower the chance of her relapses.

You can't see MS so to the world my mum looks very healthy and 'normal' but she hides her pain very well and by keeping a positive attitude, eating well and exercising she has done amazing, i am so proud of her for never giving up and i'm pretty sure she will be dragging me to MMA tonight.

She made me laugh last night, i think she was more worried about missing rig this morning than actually starting her treatment. but don't worry mumma i will upload the workout and we can go do it together....though i urge you see what it involves before taking me up on this offer. i'm sure reading it will help raise your heart rate mum ;)

So on this hump day i want you to think truly about who or what inspires you and let the world know, they might not even know how much of an affect they have on your life!

And i also want you to think about it like this....exercise hard and push your limits while you can, it really is the best therapy.

So your hump day workout...

The exercises are very simple but take a while, if you are unsure of any have a little look on you tube...i am hoping to make a video which explains a lot of the exercises that i put up on here so that you can watch it and become familiar with it

Attack the day people

Lots of hardwork and dedication

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ketchup smetchup

Who even is ketchup any more? Ill tell you what it is....processed salty sugary (delicious) nonsense and I am a true ketchupaholic as is my mumma...it's been one of the hardest things to cut out of my diet it just goes with everything and in truth I have it out of habit...admittedly I eat a lot less of it now that I eat fresh food but I still eat it a fair bit...make that ate....I decided to get a little creative and experiment with some condiment alternatives so with my Cajun obsession in mind I came up with this

All it is is a bit of natural fat free yoghurt, a bit of Cajun or if you're a bit heavy handed like me a ton of Cajun spice a tiny bit of salt and pepper...wolar! 

That's it so simple and so cheap...I can't stress this enough...eating clean and healthy doesn't have to be expensive or boring you just have to get a bit creative but luckily for you, you have me to do that for you 😁

Yesterday I also tried crushed garlic, salt pepper and natural yoghurt

Anyway I will be uploading my delicious brownie recipe at some point this week there are just a few adjustments I need to try but my dad gets stressed if I experiment in the kitchen two days in a row bless him 😘

I'm feeling great after day two of the 5 day challenge, less bloated and I've got lots of energy...I added in the rice cake today as I was going to the gym in the evening :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication