Monday, 1 July 2013

Getting personal

So i thought it was time to get a bit personal and share with you my progress so far.

As you have gathered i love being at the gym i go twice a day and wouldn't have it any other way....well until i had to go back and work at the pub...which means that i sometimes work until 2am leaving me absolutely shattered in the mornings so trying to make 6.30 classes is a struggle but i have to say i finished at 12 last night and i got up at 5.45 this morning and guess what I SURVIVED! no i didn't want to go, i wanted to stay in bed but i made myself get up and i was really glad i did because it was such a good class (blog to follow) and i feel so much better for going.

Okay lets cut to the chase...these pictures were taken just over a week apart and over the course of the 8 days i ate really clean and trained twice a day. I was actually really shocked with the progress i made in just a week...the main change i made that week was with my diet, by cleaning it all up and eating fresh foods i actually done my self proud and yes i have drawn a crop top on one of them i wasn't expecting to use the image haha

So this week im going to try really hard to get back to eating clean as i've kind of been slacking in the kitchen recently but to me the proof is in the picture and it goes to show what a little discipline can do for you. Everything i know about diet is really learnt on the internet i do a lot of research into whats good for me and what changes i can make to help me progress. I'm trying to share all that i know but it is taking a long time (i guess that just means i have a big brain full of lots of information) but i promise to keep on sharing and hopefully inspiring

No matter what stage you are at in your fitness journey take a picture of yourself so that you can create you own progress picture just remember to put a sports bra on :)

Lots of hardwork and dedication