Tuesday, 30 July 2013

5 day challenge

A girl i work with always eats branflakes with yoghurt for breakfast and it always looks so nice. I've never been a fan of grown up cereals because they never taste as good as cocopops but needs must and i have been trying to eat cereals that will feel me up. So anyway i went to tesco and thought id give branflakes another try, and while looking at the box i noticed a '5 day challenge'. You are meant to eat branflakes for breakfast for 5 days and apparently you will feel less bloated and feel fuller throughout the day, as someone who is ALWAYS hungry i thought this would be ideal...so i thought id give it a go and then share it with you.


I decided that i would turn the next 5 days into a challenge to clean up my eating as its been a bit hit and miss lately, but i really need to get back on track as holiday is looming! So i put together this meal plan which is sort of what i will eat on a good day I do usually change up what I eat but for this challenge I thought if keep it simple..i would just like to remind you that I'm not trained in nutrition and only go by what gives me energy to workout but makes me feel good too...so here it is, its very simple, maybe a little boring but its only 5 days!

  • I tend to swap the first protein shake to before breakfast as i have it straight after my morning workout also if you find you are just starving or need energy begore an evening workout add in a rice cake with a thin spread of peanut butter.

  • Also the three egg whites can be upped if you wish but i can't eat more than three, alternatively have 2 whole eggs rather than just egg white

  • If you dont like almond milk just have water, I just loooove almond milk as its so creamy and makes the protein thicker!

So if you want to join me that would be great and don't worry i will post something really exciting to keep you going...

So i thought we will start next monday so you have plenty of time to go shopping, i'm doing the bran flake challenge this week so feel free to join in..i am putting together a workout schedule for you too so that you can do it along side the challenge!

I wrote you a little shopping list too...i'm too good to you aren't i!

Get noisy on social media! I'd love to know if you are planning on trying this with me! So I'm @daniellejade0 on twitter and @myfatscrying on instagram and if you want to email me its my.fats.crying@gmail.com

Also on Sunday I will hope to post a prep video so you can see how I prep for the week :) 

Let me know what you think! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication