Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Strawberry and banana ice-creams

So I've been wanting to make some fruit pops for a while as i always freeze frubes and they are deliciousj but thought it might be better to make my own as they will be a lot cleaner

so while I was on a trip to homebase for my dad I saw some lolly moulds so decided to buy them - on dads credit card of course! Well he had just made me embarrass myself at homebase looking for all sorts of screws and stuff BUT I did lift big bags of bark by myself for which I'm proud of...I'm def getting stronger....if by the way you wonder why I write def it's not to be cool it's because I'm dyslexic and genuinely can't spell the word and it never gets corrected by spell check and I've kind of got used to it now and quite like it :)

Anywaaaay it's time to show you my fruit pops 


All I did was blend one banana with a little bit of almond milk then put it in the moulds 

Wash the blender

Chop and blend strawberries then put then on top of the banana 

Then put the sticks in...taking care not to put them in upside down like me...I know I'm a bit special sometimes

Put them in the freezer until they are solid and then eat!! So refreshing and clean its unreal! Why not try it with your favourite fruits! 

Is there anything you want me to try and healthyfi? Please let me know because I'd love to do things you actually wanna see!! 

Lots of hardwork & dedication