Food for Thought

Protein brownie chunks

Wahoo its finally here! sorry its taken me a while ive been playing about with the ingredients. The first batch i made tasted lovely but i felt like they were missing i tried it an alternative way and to be honest it was no better so i went back to the original recipe as i preferred it...its always hard to make delicious treats healthy because you expect it to taste as rich and naughty as the real thing...but these were very moist, spongy and tasted lovely...but i do have a couple of tricks to give it a bit more sweetness...but for starters here is the recipe

So how does it compare?

Well a processed brownie of the same weight ... 165kcal, 6.6g fat, 1.8 sat fat, 25.7g carbs and only 2.1g of protein! 

WOW!! i think ill give in a little on flavour in the nutritional savings!

So here are my naughty ideas...a thin spread of nutella on top...nom nom! i love nutella....if i had to live off one thing without getting fat it would by far be nutella on cinnamon bagels MMM

an even naughtier idea is to melt 25g of nutella and swirl it into the deffo trying this adds around 11kcal to each chunk so not that much!

OH btw when you cut your brownies you should end up with around 13 chunks (if you make it in a round dish like me)....obviously if you have more or less chunks the macros will be altered :)

Anyway enjoy!

Lots of handwork and dedication 

Ketchup smetchup

Who even is ketchup any more? Ill tell you what it is....processed salty sugary (delicious) nonsense and I am a true ketchupaholic as is my's been one of the hardest things to cut out of my diet it just goes with everything and in truth I have it out of habit...admittedly I eat a lot less of it now that I eat fresh food but I still eat it a fair bit...make that ate....I decided to get a little creative and experiment with some condiment alternatives so with my Cajun obsession in mind I came up with this

All it is is a bit of natural fat free yoghurt, a bit of Cajun or if you're a bit heavy handed like me a ton of Cajun spice a tiny bit of salt and pepper...wolar! 

That's it so simple and so cheap...I can't stress this enough...eating clean and healthy doesn't have to be expensive or boring you just have to get a bit creative but luckily for you, you have me to do that for you ��

Yesterday I also tried crushed garlic, salt pepper and natural yoghurt

Anyway I will be uploading my delicious brownie recipe at some point this week there are just a few adjustments I need to try but my dad gets stressed if I experiment in the kitchen two days in a row bless him ��

I'm feeling great after day two of the 5 day challenge, less bloated and I've got lots of energy...I added in the rice cake today as I was going to the gym in the evening :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication  


Tuesday talk 3

Welcome to your 3rd tuesday talk...i like a good talk about nutrition as long as i'm in the mood haha. So the other day i was talking to my uncle about lean gains, its quite a complicated training programme and  way of eating but once you get your head around it its okay...its all about working out your daily allowances of fat carbs and protein and adjusting these on your rest days. It also incorporates intermittent fasting, which in terms on lean gains means you don't eat past 8pm and then you don't eat until midday the next day....that seems pretty hard to me but my uncle has got amazing results and has completely shredded his body! So i think at some point i might give this a go but for now i'm just sticking with clean eating :)

So anyway here is another idea of an ideal day for me

What have we got?

Breakfast: Protein muffin with oats

Snack: egg wrapped in ham

Lunch: chicken fajita wraps (in lettuce)

Snack: protein cookies or brownie

Dinner: minted lamb burger (homemade) with lots and lots of roasted veg and a little bit of sweet potato

Snack: 20g protein shake

Plus lots and lots of veggies and water throughout the day

Hope this gives you some inspiration for a clean day. If you are doing the 5 day challenge make sure you pick one of the FEEL THE BURN workouts to do today :) Also how are you feeling?

Some things to look out for this week...

  • Protein brownies
  • The cleanest fry up ever
  • Mums homemade lamb burgers
  • Auntys Tracy's clean rice pudding 
  • Plus all your usual workouts 
Lots of hardwork and dedication 


Are you ready for the challenge?

Okay so it is almost time to start the challenge...I've made some slight changes to the menu after feedback and discussions I've had this week...

Remember I said that i have my first protein shake straight after my morning workout...just don't leave to long a gap between breakfast and your first shake!

So some ideas for your evening protein with dinner...

Turkey meatballs
Mums Homemade burger
Chicken with spice 
Salmon seasoned with chilli
Lean lamb and mint burgers

And don't worry if you can't make toast i listed some other options :)


  1. Dont cheat on it by adding in other food, like i said you can eat veggies to your hearts content so fill your self up on those :)
  2. Drink lots and lots of water...have a glass before every meal, make it the first thing you have when you wake up
  3. Take a picture before and then after to see if you can see a difference
  4. Instagram me @myfatscrying pictures of your meals...especially your evening meals, be creative :)
So here is your shopping list...

I will be uploading some meal ideas throughout the week so you don't get stuck in a rut...remember if you are doing this challenge with me to instagram me can also sign up to receive my blogs via email so you don't miss what workouts i want you to do alongside this eating challenge...the sign up box is down the right hand side :)

  • You can prepare you roasted veg in advance, we like to prep it all on a sunday and keep it in the fridge so that it makes it easy during the week

  • You can also prepare your burgers/mealballs and put them in the freezer and just defrost as and when you need them

  • You can also make your protein cookies in advance too! If you don't want protein cookies you can make my oat and maple cookies, though i would suggest having protein with them :)

I will be posting a lot this week to help you out :)

If i've forgot anything i will blog tonight when i get in from work 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

Attempting wheatgrass

Yesterday my aunty gave me wheatgrass to try...if someone tells me something's is good for me I will always try it...

So this morning I thought I'd have it with breakfast as my breakfast is quite low in protein. 

Here is my attempt...


My verdict? Absolutely vile...I couldn't stomach it I actually thought I was going to be sick! Try it for your self if you're brave enough! 

I will be posting the finalised meal plan and rules for the next week shortly! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication 


Throwback Thursday

Oh my gaaawd I've just finished an intense hour spin class I had sweat dripping everywhere it was disgusting, sweat burning my eyes, dripping from my hair it was gross but hey a gym isn't a place to look pretty as the saying goes if you still look good after a workout you clearly didn't workout.

Anyway I thought on this glorious Thursday I'd have a lil throwback and have a look at how my nutrition has changed over the past 2 and a bit years, I've gone from one extreme to another and honestly can say in terms of my diet I am in the best place I've ever been...

So my diet from my fat days...

I was at university and looking afterward clearly wasn't a priority! It makes me feel sick to look at this. 

From my weight loss days
This was quite a scrict diet I put myself on which clearly worked as I lost 2 stone, but it only worked because I created such a huge calorie deficit, it wasn't healthy and if I was to do it again I would go about it completely differently I so went to the gym every morning and done the 30 day shred in the evenings 

And now...
Has your diet changed much? Are you making healthy decisions that are good for your body? Is there anything you should probably change?

here is alittle clear up from Al in response to my headache from nutrirition:

All the items listed here can work in a weight loss diet! How? Because the only real factor in weight loss is eating less calories in a day than your body needs to survive! So whether you eat high protein, low carb, high fat, etc etc..... The over riding factor is the total calorific intake in a day! The main difference is that if you train alot and want your body to look toned and lean and repair with less injuries, it's a fact that you need to eat protein every 3 to 4 hours and lower carbs after lunch ready for zero blood sugars by the time you go to bed! All athletes in the world eat this way and they look their best doing it! Ps.... Whey protein powder won nutritional supplement of the century years ago as it has so many health benefits.... Anti carcinogenic was one of them!  eat well  x Al

Well i'm glad thats cleared up a bit :) Anyway have a good Thursday evening! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication 


Chunky monkey protein smoothie

I've been wanting to try this for a while, and when i thought about it i though ah a good name would be chunky monkey....the truth is it isn't that chunky but i liked the name so i decided to keep it :)

So the reason i'm blogging during the day is because i have a day off and my dad has my car so i'm tied to the house. So here is the recipe...

It is so easy to do and again a really cheap recipe

  • 200 ml of almond milk - £0.20
  • Protein powder - £0.50 (would be cheaper if you bought your protein in bulk)
  • 1 banana - 11p
Total cost: 81p ... NICE!!

and this is how yummy it looks...


Do you like the pretty wallpaper? Thats in our summer house, so much prettier than our kitchen!

So anyway this is super nice, super clean and super cheap! why not try it?

I'm think next time i make it i'm going to double up the protein but one scoop banana and one scoop cookies and cream...i think this will be amazing!

Anyway enjoy! and let me no if there is anything you want me to try and make healthy and clean? or any ideas you want me to blog about?

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Ouch my head hurts

Recently i've been told so many things to do with nutrition my head truly hurts. Everything i'm being told contradicts what someone else has said. I just started reading this lean gains thing that my uncle has done and he got amazing results from it but my god it was so confusing i'm not sure i even make sense of it...

So here are some of the contradictions i've been told lately

Eat every three hours to keep your metabolism up, no you don't need to eat that often, don't eat carbs, you have to eat carbs, you shouldn't eat carbs after breakfast, drink protein shakes, protein shakes are bad for you, eat lots of fruit and veg, fruit is bad for you it makes you store fat...

OMG THE LIST GOES ON!! and my head really hurts!

but the thing is all these people are on different diets and while they are just sharing what has worked for them you don't have to listen to everone because what works for one person might not work for another. Find something that works for you. I like to take bits and pieces that i find that work for me and create my own diet plans, i love experimenting with food and i don't like cutting things out all together. I may not eat cake and chocolate every day but if i want it i will eat it, i don't deprive myself I have just learnt to eat in moderation! 

So I don't know what the truth is about this whole nutrition business but here are some things that work for me

It's all about trial and error, finding what fuels you to workout but cuts you enough to see a difference, you don't want to Undo all of your efforts in the gym with a bad diet...well you might want to and that's cool some people go to the gym so that they can eat crap and not get fatter...but think of your insides too!

So if you need something to start you off why not join me on my 5 day challenge starting next Monday? I posted it a couple of days ago but don't worry I'll be posting about it again on Sunday! 

Add me on instagram @myfatscrying and tag me in some pics :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication 
Ps my head truly hurts after thinking about this post! 


5 day challenge

A girl i work with always eats branflakes with yoghurt for breakfast and it always looks so nice. I've never been a fan of grown up cereals because they never taste as good as cocopops but needs must and i have been trying to eat cereals that will feel me up. So anyway i went to tesco and thought id give branflakes another try, and while looking at the box i noticed a '5 day challenge'. You are meant to eat branflakes for breakfast for 5 days and apparently you will feel less bloated and feel fuller throughout the day, as someone who is ALWAYS hungry i thought this would be i thought id give it a go and then share it with you.


I decided that i would turn the next 5 days into a challenge to clean up my eating as its been a bit hit and miss lately, but i really need to get back on track as holiday is looming! So i put together this meal plan which is sort of what i will eat on a good day I do usually change up what I eat but for this challenge I thought if keep it simple..i would just like to remind you that I'm not trained in nutrition and only go by what gives me energy to workout but makes me feel good here it is, its very simple, maybe a little boring but its only 5 days!

  • I tend to swap the first protein shake to before breakfast as i have it straight after my morning workout also if you find you are just starving or need energy begore an evening workout add in a rice cake with a thin spread of peanut butter.

  • Also the three egg whites can be upped if you wish but i can't eat more than three, alternatively have 2 whole eggs rather than just egg white

  • If you dont like almond milk just have water, I just loooove almond milk as its so creamy and makes the protein thicker!

So if you want to join me that would be great and don't worry i will post something really exciting to keep you going...

So i thought we will start next monday so you have plenty of time to go shopping, i'm doing the bran flake challenge this week so feel free to join in..i am putting together a workout schedule for you too so that you can do it along side the challenge!

I wrote you a little shopping list too...i'm too good to you aren't i!

Get noisy on social media! I'd love to know if you are planning on trying this with me! So I'm @daniellejade0 on twitter and @myfatscrying on instagram and if you want to email me its

Also on Sunday I will hope to post a prep video so you can see how I prep for the week :) 

Let me know what you think! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

Tuesday talk #2

Good morning all! 

So here is your second tuesday talk. Another ideal day (for me) of what id is a snap shot...

Breakfast: Protein shake mixed with Almond milk (sometimes straight after my workout so around 7am), Branflakes, banana and fat free yoghurt

Elevensies: Veggies, carrots, peppers, cucumber, celery

Lunch:Whole wheat pasta, cajun spiced chicken and dry fried peppers

3'oclock munchies: protein shake, 

Dinner: Turkey meatballs and roasted veg with a small amount of sweet potato 

Sweet tooth: Yoghurt, oats and pure maple syrup

The turkey meatball recipe is lurking around on my try something different today you might like it

Also rememebr to check out the 5 day challenge which we will start next monday!

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Protein Oaties

I've finally ventured into the baking world of protein...usually my experimental cooking doesn't go to great...when i say experimental i mean chucking ingredients together and hoping for the best BUT for once IT PAID OFF and i've actually made some good protein cookies...the name was decided by a friend of mine at the gym...i like it!

So all you will need is:

  • 1 scoop of biohazard raspberry protein - £1 per scoop at zest gym
  • 80g oats - 20p
  • 2 tbsp of agave syrup - £3.30 from a health food shop so 40p ish?
  • 1 tsp natural vanilla extract - 10p
  • Enough almond milk to bind but not make it soggy about 1/4 cup - 10p

mix all the ingredients together, line a baking tray with grease proof paper and spray with 1kcal spray, roll into 8 balls and place on the baking tray, flatten them down and then pop in a pre-heated oven for around 15 minutes, flip them over and bake until done to your liking.

The mixture gets so sticky so i tried not to handle them for too long!

Also be careful not to burn yourself like me...i'm so clumsy and now have THREE burns :(

So again i give you a clean recipe that takes next to no time to make and cost £1.80 for EIGHT COOKIES thats just...27p each! OMG!! so no excuse that clean eating is boring and expensive!

Anyway enjoy and sorry this is a little late today and that i've been rubbish and not posted but i have had a really busy day...spent around 5 hours making my cousins birthday cake...which i am going to upload as a cheat meal idea haha! I will also change the ingredient list to a fancy photoshop edit when i get a chance!

Let me know how yours come out and if you make any other flavours....i also made some using cookies and cream protein because im obsessed with it! they are also delicious...

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Banana & Cinnamon Crepes
God i made these absolutely ages ago and completely forgot that i hadn't posted them...but as i always say better late than never right?

These are a great breakfast choice that wont cost you your cheat meal WAAHOO!!

You will need
  • 1 egg (or two egg whites if you want to be even better)
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon 
  • 1tsp of sugar or sweetner
  • 1 banana (half for mixture, half for filling)
  • 1/3 cup of oats - around 30g
  • 1/4 cup of almond milk
  • 4 strawberries (or any other berries you wanna use for the filling)
This mixture should make 4 - 6 crepes depending on the size of your frying pan and how thick you make them.
  1. So first of all cut the banana into rounds, take half of it and mush it up, and then put it in your blender
  2. Add in the dry ingredients and whizz it all up
  3. Then add the egg and almond milk, whizz it up and make sure it is all mixed in properly
  4. Turn your hob on and spray your frying pan with 1kcal spray
  5. Then cook :)
  6. Put a few bits of banana and strawberry inside, (i then put on a very tiny bit of pure maple syrup), roll up and eat!

Try them and let me know what you think. If i remember correctly the entire mixture has around 180kcal in but i think that was using two egg whites instead of a whole egg. But it definitely isn't more than 250kcal :)

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Feel good Fajitas

How have a forgot to post this?

One of the simplest meals I have ever healthyfied. It comes from my days of being a student where cheap and easy meals were favoured being healthy was a bonus :) 

Simply make chicken in fajita spice and substitute your wrap for an iceberg lettuce incredibly cheap to make and you save over 100kcal per wrap

Why not use zero fat natural yoghurt instead of mayo or sour cream and save your self even more calories! 

Bon appetite :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

Ps I've just finished a great cross fit circuit class that I shall share with you tomorrow and then I did spin legs are dying...if you did the bubble butt workout you will be feeling my pain right now! 


Danielle's Peanut butter cups

Okay so i have been saying im going to attempt to healthyfi these for ages now and i finally did and OH MY GOD they taste amazing...

As you can see they are no bake as well which means they are even easier to make!

Now for mine i used cookies and cream protein powder instead of co co and they taste sooo good but its doesn't bind perfectly with the coconut oil so i added a bit of coco tot he mixture i used on top and it set much better... you may also substitute the agave syrup for pure maple syrup or honey if you would rather but just remember there is a lot of flavour going on already and agave syrup is an alternative to sugar without much flavour :)

for 124 kcal you cant go wrong, all the ingredients are natural and clean so these are good for you PLUS there is no actual chocolate involved BONUS!!

I went on a massive hunt for cheap coconut oil and luckily i found some in Waitrose for £5 but in holland and barratt it was nearly £16!!!!!

So give it a go...i will def be making these again i can't tell you how delicious these were so go ahead and make them and let me know how yours come out! upload a pic to instagram and tag me @myfatscrying

Oh here is a picture of mine... the white bits are just coconut oil but it doesn't taste of anything :)

Also i would just like to add if you have any questions but don't want to post them on here feel free to email me :)

NEXT UP: protein balls

Lots of hard work and dedication (and guilt free snacking)


Tuesday talk #1

So i've been trying to put together an ideal day of what i eat so that i can share it with you and so that you can see thats its not bland to eat clean :)

So on the menu is...

Breakfast: Protein shake mixed with Almond milk, Wheetabix with almond milk, banana and fat free yoghurt

Elevensies: Usually a granola bar and raisins

Lunch: lots and lots of veggies, a wholewheat bagel with homous - Moroccan is my fave

3'oclock munchies: protein shake

Dinner: Chicken, roasted veg and sweet potato with some coleslaw

Sweet tooth: Strawberry and Banana home made ice creams

Also drink lots and lots of water :)

I think i might make this a feature on tuesdays... hopefully give you some good ideas of what to eat and how you can mix and match to create you own ideal day :)

Coming later tonight Danielle's (better than reeces) protein peanut butter cups...eeeeeep so excited

Lots of hardwork and dedication


Mums homemade burgers

So recently someone asked me what should i eat then? doesn't eating healthy take a lot of time and money?

the answer is NO and here is a quick recipe perfect for theses summer days that we should be making the most of!

My mum makes these all the time and they are so yummy...and so simple!

I sometimes crumble a bit of cheese into the mix or put in some cajun spice because i am OBSESSED with cajun spice!

I usually cook them on the lean mean fat grilling machine (i wish they made one of these for human fat) but we BBQ'd them the other day and they came out so nice!

So you've seen how easy they are to make but what about the other question of cost....

Lean mince from tesco - £4 or buy three packs for £10 and freeze the others
Half a red onion - 20p
Fresh Basil - practically free once you have bought a plant because it keeps on growing...but lets just say 20p

So you have a total cost of £4.40 making each burger just £ can't get nice, fresh burgers with no added animal bones and what not for cheaper than that!!

So just to recap not only are these so simple to make (you can make loads and freeze them thats what we do), they are also cheap to make but most importantly they are so clean...and you no exactly what you are putting into your body!

Have a go at making them and let me no any variations you make!

Lots of hardwork and dedication

PS do you like the design? im trying to make everything a bit easier to read and keep track of so you can print this off if its easier...not that there is a lot to remember


Strawberry and banana ice-creams

So I've been wanting to make some fruit pops for a while as i always freeze frubes and they are deliciousj but thought it might be better to make my own as they will be a lot cleaner

so while I was on a trip to homebase for my dad I saw some lolly moulds so decided to buy them - on dads credit card of course! Well he had just made me embarrass myself at homebase looking for all sorts of screws and stuff BUT I did lift big bags of bark by myself for which I'm proud of...I'm def getting stronger....if by the way you wonder why I write def it's not to be cool it's because I'm dyslexic and genuinely can't spell the word and it never gets corrected by spell check and I've kind of got used to it now and quite like it :)

Anywaaaay it's time to show you my fruit pops 


All I did was blend one banana with a little bit of almond milk then put it in the moulds 

Wash the blender

Chop and blend strawberries then put then on top of the banana 

Then put the sticks in...taking care not to put them in upside down like me...I know I'm a bit special sometimes

Put them in the freezer until they are solid and then eat!! So refreshing and clean its unreal! Why not try it with your favourite fruits! 

Is there anything you want me to try and healthyfi? Please let me know because I'd love to do things you actually wanna see!! 

Lots of hardwork & dedication


Clean Vegan Key Lime Pie

When i discovered this recipe i was very skeptical about making it i mean WHAT THE HELL IS KEY LIME PIE?

i have no idea where the word key comes from? lime yeah but pie? now pie to me is pastry based like apple pie! This is actually more of a lime cheesecake.

So anyway i made it and here is the out come

Looks pretty doesn't it....well although all the ingredients are extremely clean and natural it still packs a whopping 176kcal and 13.1g of fat a serving (the fats come from the avocado so it's good fats at least)...and the base will be very thin...i however did not like the base as it is made out of walnuts and the tastes just didn't quite gel together

HOWEVER the cream bit was my kitchen i'm sure you have all heard of banana ice-cream...(frozen bananas blended) well what about frozen blended avocado? sounds gross? think again...i squeezed a load of lime juice and then grated lime zest into avocado...blended it up (well attempted blender isn't great) and then put it in the freezer for about an tastes just like sorbet but has good fats in their as well!

So from this lil kitchen experiment i have two new recipes...


For the base

  • 85g walnuts 
  • 6 medjool dates (soaked in water for about an hour)
For the top
  • 2 avocado's
  • 4 limes
  • tbsp of sugar

  1. drain and pit the dates, and then put the base ingredients in your blender and blend it all up
  2. put the base into a pan or individual ramekins and press down 
  3. wash your blender and then put the avocado, lime zest and lime juice into the blender and blend it all together...hopefully yours will come out smooth unlike mine
  4. then put you cream onto the base and then pop into the freezer for an hour or so
  5. dish up and decorate however you choose...i topped mine with strawberries because i love them :) 
You're done.


  • 2 avocado's
  • 4 limes
  • tbsp of sugar
  1. blend it all up as smooth as possible, put it is a dish and freeze for about and hour :)

Let me know what you think...i'm going to try the key lime pie again with a different base so i shall let you know how i get on...i am also making some healthy peanut butter cups because who doesn't LOOOOOOVE peanut butter?

Lots of hardwork & dedication


(converted) Peanut Butter Lover

In a bid to eat cleaner I've ditched the Nutella and turned my attention to peanut butter and i have to admit it is growing on me!

So today for lunch i added in some peanut i hate sandwiches and i hate salad so lunch time can be quite a tricky meal for me but alas Wholemeal bagels have saved lunch times

So today i toasted my bagel and spread some peanut butter on it, added in some chicken and cucumber and woola! it was done! I thought it was really tasty but i guess some of you may find it a bit dry...but i dont like soggy foods so this is perfect for me!

What do you have for lunch usually? are you sure you are getting everything you need into your main meals?

This week i have sort of written myself a 'clean eating' going to share it once ive tried it out and tweaked some things...(and actually written it down because actually its in my head)


Lots of hardwork and dedication


Turkey Meatballs

ITS THE WEEKEND!! and i finally have a saturday off work! I was meant to add this recipe during the week but unfortunately i didn't get the chance so i am really sorry! but fear is here!

These were really nice and so simple to make. It crazy everyone thinks eating healthy and clean is difficult but actually it takes just as much time as putting chicken nuggets and chips int he oven...its all about perspective and what you think is worth your time!


So if you follow my recipe exactly each MAHOOSIVE ball is around 60 kcal which is so good!

You will need

  • 500g of minced turkey breast (the leaner the better)
  • 1/3 cup of oats 
  • Half a pepper (colour of your choice)
  • Half a red onion diced quite small
  • 1 1/2 egg white
  • tsp of dried basil - I'm not a huge fan of basil so up this to your taste
  • 1 garlic clove minced or chopped
  • 1 tbsp of cajun spice - or paprika if you would prefer
  • a little salt and pepper

1) preheat your oven to 180'C and grab a muffin tin and spray each muffin whole with a single spray of 1 kcal spray (or fry light)

2) put all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix with your hands....i had great fun getting my hands dirty

3) once the ingredients are mixed divide into 12 equalish servings and put in the muffin tin

4) put them in the oven for around 15 minutes, then flip them over and return to the oven for a further 10-15 minutes...I think i over done mine a little but i like the outside to be brown :)

It really is that simple. and they are so delicious :) 

Serving suggestion

For lunch i had 3 meatball and big table spoon of coleslaw (recipe to come) and lots of cucumber....i love cucumber :)

Let me know how yours come out and any variations you make :)

Lots of hard work and dedication


Oat & Maple Cookies

So a little while ago i tried to make these banana and oat cookies and i have to say they were and EPIC FAIL! So i decided to make up my own recipe and i must say i actually impressed myself!

Okay, these cookies are sooooo easy to make and even better still is that they are super tasty and really low in kcal.

So all you are going to need is 3 ingredients, oats, almond milk and pure maple syrup. Yes i know your wondering how you didn't think of it before right!

So for my recipe which made 6 smallish cookies for 31kcal & 0.05 sat fat each you will need

  • 32g of oats (i couldn't be bothered to take oats out thats why its 32 so you can do 30 if you wish)
  • 20ml of almond milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of pure maple syrup
Preheat the over to 180 degrees Celsius 

Mix all of the ingredients together and then split into even sizes. like i said i made 6 but you could make less if you want them bigger.

Grab a piece of grease proof paper and lay it on a baking tray

I then sprayed 6 sprays of 1kcal spray onto the baking paper (one spray for each cookie to sit on)

Place the balls of the cookie dough (which will probably be quiet wet and sticky) onto the sprays and flatten them down. I flatten mine quite a lot as they get a better crunch at the end.

Then put them into the oven for about 12 minutes and then flip them over. I then put mine back in for another 10 minutes but use your judgement as to how crunchy you want them.

And thats it....super clean, super tasty and super easy! What more could you want for a snack?

The oats should give you energy so would be a great pre-gym snack but for more energy why not try and little bit of peanut butter on top of each cookie or try mixing it into the mixture.

Let me know how yours turn out! Also what have you done today? I went for a 6am spin class and i will be doing crossfit and spin again later on after work! Remember this week is about no excuses!

Lots of hard work & dedication


Protein Breakfast Muffin

Hello all you clean eaters

I find breakfast soooo boring sometimes and since i've started eating clean i've tried to avoid cereals as much as i can so here is an amazing protein muffin recipe which is EXTREMELY simple to make and you can create all sorts of variations :)

So all you are going to need is:

1/2 scoop of protein powder - i used cookies and cream because its my fave! Also quantity really does matter here as i use BIOHAZARD protein and a scoop of theirs is around 186 calories and is basically a double scoop so what ever you are using use around 80-90 calories of protein :)

2 Egg whites

1tsp of vanilla extract

1/2 tbsp of water

1/2 tsp of sugar

For the drizzle

1 tbsp of vanilla low fat yoghurt

1/2 tsp of vanilla (if you really like vanilla)

1/2 tsp of sugar (if you have a sweet tooth)

AND YOUR FAVOURITE gleek mug is my absolute fave mug as its nice and will need quite a deep mug as it grows a lot...

Okay now time to cook

1) mix all of the main ingredients in your fave mug, make sure they are all mixed together well

2) pop in the microwave for around 45 seconds

3) while that is cooking mix the drizzle ingredients together

4) keep an eye on your muffin as they do have a tendency to over spill

5) once the 45 seconds is up do 3 bursts of 10 seconds watching to see if it will make a mess

6) get out, tip onto a plate, and pour the drizzle on

YOUR DONE! I know its so easy, so good for you and tastes amazing

Try it and let me know how you get on...i'm going to be experimenting with this recipe why not try vanilla protein and cinnamon or if you are missing chocolate like me....chocolate protein powder and vanilla extract....the possibilities are endless.

I will be uploading some more delicious recipes soon and also some great exercise routines so watch out for them or subscribe if you want to :)

Lots of hardwork and dedication


For all you cake lovers out there you are going to want to read and try this recipe...they were so simple to make and only 49 calories & 0.4g of sat fat...whaaaat? yes i know but its true and they are delicious :)

What you will need

1 cup of ground almonds
1/4 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of baking powder
2 eggs
2tbs maple syrup
1/3 cup of almond milk (save a small amount for the frosting)
1tsp of vanilla extract

For the frosting

Half banana 
a lil bit of maple syrup

You will need a cake pop machine You can get them from argos for around £15 or you could make them in to donuts if you have a donut maker :)

1) Heat the cake pop machine up

2) Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add in the wet ingredients (mix with a wooden spoon until all the ingredients are bound together)

3) When the machine is hot enough fill them up and leave for around 5 minutes

4) while they are cooking chop the half banana into rounds and pop in a bowl and put in the microwave and mush it up (be careful as the bowl will be hot and i burnt myself :( ) add the little bit of almond milk and maple syrup and mix it all up.

5) When the cake pops are done, dip them in the frosting and then put sticks in them and Vooola healthy cake pops.....


Let me know how yours come out and if there is anything you would like a healthy version of and i shall try my best to healthafy it :)

What have you done today? I went to a 6.15am cross fit class and it killed but it was amazing so i might post the workout up if you would like to try it :) 

Lots of hard work and dedication


Good Afternoon

So starting a new week in the gym (yesterday), I decided that i really needed to focus on my eating...i workout twice a day and BEAST MODE when i'm there, so the reason i still have wobbly thighs a lil muffin top and a bit of a belly pooch is all down to my diet.

So i promised myself that this week would be a clean week - apart from sunday as i have a family BBQ so sunday is my cheat day...It's okay to have a cheat day you just don't need to go mad :)

So yesterday i made pasta sauce from stretch...i made the recipe up but it was so easy and fairly obvious...I just never though about what was in my food until i made myself read the labels...wheres as if i make it myself i know every ingredient that is going into my body

My Lunch - Home made tomato, pepper and basil pasta sauce

  • 1 organic tomato (i know there is two in the picture)
  • Half a pepper
  • 3 fresh basil leaves
I literally chopped up the ingredients and dry fried them!

I've never really used organic ingredients before but OMG the colour of the inside of the tomato was soooo pretty. I had the sauce with 50g of whole wheat pasta and a handful of baby spinach. There was so much there and i felt full after which is a strange feeling for me because i am always hungry and i eat a lot! 

Have a go at making it, it was so nice and the whole meal was 253 calories :) 

Lots of hard work and dedication