Friday, 19 July 2013


Morning all,

IM OFFICIALLY A GRADUATE!! and now have much more time on my hands...i have so much to blog about that i'm not sure where to start, i have a lot to catch up on so make sure to check back regularly but i thought id just give you todays workout and then sort of work backwards over the weekend!

So i thought id try something a little different today...i created a little image that you can print and take with you as i know that sometimes there are a lot of exercises to try and remember so here it is...

It should take around 30/40 minutes to complete but don't worry if it takes you longer just remember to keep good form and do it with 100% effort! So most of the exercises i have modified so that you can do this workout at home but if you have no stairs just go ahead and do mountain climbers for two minutes!! 

For the Bicep curl to shoulder press just take a weight in each hand or something heavier and use two hands, curl it into your chest and push above your head :)

Press ups to failure basically means do as many as you can until your body won't physically let you do any more, you should be able to do 100 if you drop down to your knees but this should make you burn out :)

I hope you like the little design and that it makes it easier for you to complete these workouts...Oh BTW Duncan put us through this workout so as always if you are looking for someone to thank or abuse head over to

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to keep active and make smart choices that your future self will thank you for!

Lots of hardwork & dedication