Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Protein brownie chunks

Wahoo its finally here! sorry its taken me a while ive been playing about with the ingredients. The first batch i made tasted lovely but i felt like they were missing i tried it an alternative way and to be honest it was no better so i went back to the original recipe as i preferred it...its always hard to make delicious treats healthy because you expect it to taste as rich and naughty as the real thing...but these were very moist, spongy and tasted lovely...but i do have a couple of tricks to give it a bit more sweetness...but for starters here is the recipe

So how does it compare?

Well a processed brownie of the same weight ... 165kcal, 6.6g fat, 1.8 sat fat, 25.7g carbs and only 2.1g of protein! 

WOW!! i think ill give in a little on flavour in the nutritional savings!

So here are my naughty ideas...a thin spread of nutella on top...nom nom! i love nutella....if i had to live off one thing without getting fat it would by far be nutella on cinnamon bagels MMM

an even naughtier idea is to melt 25g of nutella and swirl it into the deffo trying this adds around 11kcal to each chunk so not that much!

OH btw when you cut your brownies you should end up with around 13 chunks (if you make it in a round dish like me)....obviously if you have more or less chunks the macros will be altered :)

Anyway enjoy!

Lots of handwork and dedication