Saturday, 3 August 2013

Are you ready for the challenge?

Okay so it is almost time to start the challenge...I've made some slight changes to the menu after feedback and discussions I've had this week...

Remember I said that i have my first protein shake straight after my morning workout...just don't leave to long a gap between breakfast and your first shake!

So some ideas for your evening protein with dinner...

Turkey meatballs
Mums Homemade burger
Chicken with spice 
Salmon seasoned with chilli
Lean lamb and mint burgers

And don't worry if you can't make toast i listed some other options :)


  1. Dont cheat on it by adding in other food, like i said you can eat veggies to your hearts content so fill your self up on those :)
  2. Drink lots and lots of water...have a glass before every meal, make it the first thing you have when you wake up
  3. Take a picture before and then after to see if you can see a difference
  4. Instagram me @myfatscrying pictures of your meals...especially your evening meals, be creative :)
So here is your shopping list...

I will be uploading some meal ideas throughout the week so you don't get stuck in a rut...remember if you are doing this challenge with me to instagram me can also sign up to receive my blogs via email so you don't miss what workouts i want you to do alongside this eating challenge...the sign up box is down the right hand side :)

  • You can prepare you roasted veg in advance, we like to prep it all on a sunday and keep it in the fridge so that it makes it easy during the week

  • You can also prepare your burgers/mealballs and put them in the freezer and just defrost as and when you need them

  • You can also make your protein cookies in advance too! If you don't want protein cookies you can make my oat and maple cookies, though i would suggest having protein with them :)

I will be posting a lot this week to help you out :)

If i've forgot anything i will blog tonight when i get in from work 

Lots of hardwork and dedication