Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ketchup smetchup

Who even is ketchup any more? Ill tell you what it is....processed salty sugary (delicious) nonsense and I am a true ketchupaholic as is my mumma...it's been one of the hardest things to cut out of my diet it just goes with everything and in truth I have it out of habit...admittedly I eat a lot less of it now that I eat fresh food but I still eat it a fair bit...make that ate....I decided to get a little creative and experiment with some condiment alternatives so with my Cajun obsession in mind I came up with this

All it is is a bit of natural fat free yoghurt, a bit of Cajun or if you're a bit heavy handed like me a ton of Cajun spice a tiny bit of salt and pepper...wolar! 

That's it so simple and so cheap...I can't stress this enough...eating clean and healthy doesn't have to be expensive or boring you just have to get a bit creative but luckily for you, you have me to do that for you 😁

Yesterday I also tried crushed garlic, salt pepper and natural yoghurt

Anyway I will be uploading my delicious brownie recipe at some point this week there are just a few adjustments I need to try but my dad gets stressed if I experiment in the kitchen two days in a row bless him 😘

I'm feeling great after day two of the 5 day challenge, less bloated and I've got lots of energy...I added in the rice cake today as I was going to the gym in the evening :) 

Lots of hardwork and dedication