Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday talk 4

So I know my posting has been a bit thin on the ground in comparison to some weeks but I've been so busy getting ready for my teaching course which gives me an insight into what it will be like when I'm actually teaching...don't worry the blog won't stop all together :)

So today I thought I'd talk about wanting to give up sometimes....today I found myself questioning why I try and eat not only healthy but clean, I think I had a strop on because at work there were so many tasty looking cakes, muffins and pastries and then the deal breaker was presented to me....a slice of heaven....no words to describe it....CHEESECAKE, I'm a sucker for cheesecake at the best of times but this was homemade and looked amazing and I tell you it was delicious!! I split the slice with another girl so it was only half a sin I guess. 

So anyway I realised that its okay to enjoy treats in moderation, you can stay healthy and clean and still indulge every so often especially if you are not trying to loose weight...so I've decided that while I still eat healthy and clean and am extremely active I'm going to share with you all my sweet yummy delicious recipes too because I love to bake and while healthyfying things is fun lets face it nothing is as good as a real treat :) but remember to have a focus, I do it for a healthy life :) 

Anyway, I also want to say LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES if you have a tinge of pain or an ache that you know is injury related GO AND GET IT SORTED....I have made a huge mistake and exercised through my very painful knee...I done ligament damage 5 years ago and it has always twanged but only when I exercised....but recently it's started hurting walking up stairs and today it just full on started hurting I can't even walk normally at the moment....I wish I went to get it sorted earlier but hindsight is a wonderful thing....I just hope that the dr doesn't say 'you need to stop exercising' because I won't so let's hope he is a bit more helpful! 

Anyway enough talking...here is another suggestion for your daily menu...

So there will be no Tuesday workout because I can't go as I'm a limping mess and Mondays was a hard one to share as it used a fair bit of equipment! But ill be going tomorrow so there will be a workout tomorrow 

Lots of hardwork and dedication