Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday talk 3

Welcome to your 3rd tuesday talk...i like a good talk about nutrition as long as i'm in the mood haha. So the other day i was talking to my uncle about lean gains, its quite a complicated training programme and  way of eating but once you get your head around it its okay...its all about working out your daily allowances of fat carbs and protein and adjusting these on your rest days. It also incorporates intermittent fasting, which in terms on lean gains means you don't eat past 8pm and then you don't eat until midday the next day....that seems pretty hard to me but my uncle has got amazing results and has completely shredded his body! So i think at some point i might give this a go but for now i'm just sticking with clean eating :)

So anyway here is another idea of an ideal day for me

What have we got?

Breakfast: Protein muffin with oats

Snack: egg wrapped in ham

Lunch: chicken fajita wraps (in lettuce)

Snack: protein cookies or brownie

Dinner: minted lamb burger (homemade) with lots and lots of roasted veg and a little bit of sweet potato

Snack: 20g protein shake

Plus lots and lots of veggies and water throughout the day

Hope this gives you some inspiration for a clean day. If you are doing the 5 day challenge make sure you pick one of the FEEL THE BURN workouts to do today :) Also how are you feeling?

Some things to look out for this week...

  • Protein brownies
  • The cleanest fry up ever
  • Mums homemade lamb burgers
  • Auntys Tracy's clean rice pudding 
  • Plus all your usual workouts 
Lots of hardwork and dedication