Friday, 2 August 2013

Laughing is good for the abs

Do you ever laugh so much that your abs just feel like they are popping out of your skin? Well i think laughing is the best way to tone your tummy, if i spend all day laughing with someone i feel like ive done 1million crunches. So last night my boyfriend was winding me up with this stupid 'yea' noise, so i punched him and then after telling me i was spiteful (oops, i just don't know my own strength haha) he asked me if i knew why he was doing it, clearly thinking he just wanted to wind me up i didn't realise it was from this hilarious i thought id share it with just gets funnier each time you watch it...

You might have seen it already but I hadn't...omg i was in stitches and better yet....THERE IS ANOTHER ONE...

pure genius!!

So anyway now you've had your giggle its time for an ab challenge...we did something similar to this in class the other day after feel the burn 3, so if you're feeling hardcore, do Feel the burn 3 and then do this ab challenge

It may look easy but trust me this should burn your core!!

Enjoy, and i shall upload TGIF workout a bit later on when i get in from work!

Happy friday everyone! 

Lots of hardwork and dedication

P.s watch them videos again i know you want to :)