Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Madness Three

So as i mentioned in this mornings post todays workout was about team work. We were in two teams and we each paired up with someone on the other team...there was then 4 exercises one of which was the time decider, so you would keep going on your exercise until the person on the time deciding excersise was finished. It was a great way to encourage your team mates and your was about beating the other team but instead about working together and finishing together...OMG IM BAKING PROTEIN BROWNIES AND THEY JUST SMELL SO DELICIOUS!

Anyway sorry just though id inform you of how lovely the summer house is smelling!

So anyway you can do this on your own if you want to and just do each exercise for 1.30minutes and do each set twice :)

If you're following my 5 day challenge you can do this as well but remember i want you to do Monday Madness 2 (last weeks one)

Im looking forward to sharing my brownie recipe with you :)

Anyway im going for dinner now i didn't realise the time and im starving...luckily for me my amazing mumma meal prepped for us for the whole week....tonight im having lamb burgers with roasted veg and a yoghurt and mint dip! YUM!

Lots of hardwork & dedication