Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A true humpday inspiration and workout

Me and my mum have always been very close, we do a lot together and most recently (the past couple of years) we have been on fitness journeys together. I always say how great it is to have someone to encourage you and over the past couple of years we have both encouraged each other, we have both had times when our diets have been appalling and we couldn't be bothered to get our backsides to the gym but i can't tell you how amazing it is that we are both on track inspiring and encouraging each other to be better and do better.

This post this morning is dedicated to my mumma, i've been wanting to write it for a while but today seemed appropriate, as for those of you who don't know me (or her) she has MS and today after months of not being on treatment she starts a very new treatment to help lower the chance of her relapses.

You can't see MS so to the world my mum looks very healthy and 'normal' but she hides her pain very well and by keeping a positive attitude, eating well and exercising she has done amazing, i am so proud of her for never giving up and i'm pretty sure she will be dragging me to MMA tonight.

She made me laugh last night, i think she was more worried about missing rig this morning than actually starting her treatment. but don't worry mumma i will upload the workout and we can go do it together....though i urge you see what it involves before taking me up on this offer. i'm sure reading it will help raise your heart rate mum ;)

So on this hump day i want you to think truly about who or what inspires you and let the world know, they might not even know how much of an affect they have on your life!

And i also want you to think about it like this....exercise hard and push your limits while you can, it really is the best therapy.

So your hump day workout...

The exercises are very simple but take a while, if you are unsure of any have a little look on you tube...i am hoping to make a video which explains a lot of the exercises that i put up on here so that you can watch it and become familiar with it

Attack the day people

Lots of hardwork and dedication