Monday, 5 August 2013

Whim #7

Okay its monday again...i have 2 weeks until i go on its time to suck it up and clean up my diet....and you are hopefully doing it with me...ITS DAY 1 of the 5 day challenge! So if you are joining in today i would like you to do monday madness 3 (last mondays workout) and obviously follow the meal plan i uploaded on 'are you ready for the challenge'...wahoo!!

After todays workout (which i will upload later) i have decided to focus on team work this week and encouraging others around you! I love the people i go to the gym with in the morning they are so motivating it keeps me going even when i want to stop...and my mumma keeps me going at find someone to work out with or someone to eat well with...share with them the 5 day challenge and ask them to do it with can start tomorrow, it doesnt have to be today :)

But if you can't find someone to workout with you and encourage you, have no fead i have found you someone who will never let you down and who will always give you encouragement

What a beautiful man! so remember when you think you can't get your bum to the box RYAN WANTS YOU TOO!! 

so in the spirit of team work, spread the love, share him with everyone you know, as much as you want to keep him for yourself...THERE IS NO I IN TEAM!

happy monday!

Lots of handwork & dedication (and as my aunty said yesterday constancy)