Monday, 12 August 2013

Motivational Monday

So today I bring you god...I discovered this beautiful man yesterday while watching his show 'fat: the fight of my life' because I love programmes like that but I had no idea how beautiful the trainer was....

I mean I know being morbidly obese must be hard but if you got to be motivated by this guy? Surely it can't be that hard!! 

I just wish people who kept themselves fit and healthy got to be trained by people like this....his name by the way is jessie pavelka incase you wanna find any more amazing pictures of him! 

As well as being very handsome he is also very encouraging and inspiring so stick him next to changing Tatum and Ryan gosling and imagine them all cheering you on!! Oh my hard I think I might die!! 

My best friend is starting the 5 day challenge today so I shall report on her progress at the end of the week!! 

Have a happy Monday!  

Lots of hardwork and dedication
Oh also jessie said this on the programme last night...he has def been reading my blog haha