Thursday, 1 August 2013

Total Insanity

Morning all,

I don't usually go to the gym thursday mornings because it's my day off work! However yesterday after the class a group of us decided we would come down the gym and in the dance studio we would do insanity, and i can't resist a bit of Shaun T so i decided to go, even though rumour has it he is gay :(.

My aunty lent me insanity a couple of years ago but i didn't have the room in my university house to do it...but i watched a couple of them and OMG i wanted to die just watching them, i did try a couple when i was home and they were good so i thought i'd give it a go this morning and it was so good, it was so different to what we do in the cross fit classes so it was good to mix it up and you don't need any equipment.

Now i'm not saying go out and buy this as it is over £100 and i wasn't sure if i would be allowed to make a printable of what we did because i wasn't sure if i could get in trouble and get my blog cancelled (waaah!) and it wouldn't really be the same intensity or pace.

BUT have no fear

I found the video on youtube muahahaha some guy has filmed himself doing it but you can hear all of Shaun T's instructions....i would do this for you but i look like a dying seal when i workout and it might be a little embarrassing, however our little fitness group who i like to call team awesome are hoping to get T25 and do it some mornings so i might see if they would mind me filming everyone if not i might just suck it up and brave it  :)

And if you want more subscribe to this guys youtube channel he has them ALL!!!

So this is your thursday workout i hope you like it, i know you can't see Shaun T but print a picture off and stick it next to your laptop YUM!!

I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been viewing, following and actually using my blog! I usually get around 100-200 views a day depending on how many posts i put up but today my blog has already been viewed 300 times!!!!!! before i even posted so thank you so much <3

Lots of hardwork and dedication (and Shaun T loving)