Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Oat & Maple Cookies

So a little while ago i tried to make these banana and oat cookies and i have to say they were and EPIC FAIL! So i decided to make up my own recipe and i must say i actually impressed myself!

Okay, these cookies are sooooo easy to make and even better still is that they are super tasty and really low in kcal.

So all you are going to need is 3 ingredients, oats, almond milk and pure maple syrup. Yes i know your wondering how you didn't think of it before right!

So for my recipe which made 6 smallish cookies for 31kcal & 0.05 sat fat each you will need

  • 32g of oats (i couldn't be bothered to take oats out thats why its 32 so you can do 30 if you wish)
  • 20ml of almond milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of pure maple syrup
Preheat the over to 180 degrees Celsius 

Mix all of the ingredients together and then split into even sizes. like i said i made 6 but you could make less if you want them bigger.

Grab a piece of grease proof paper and lay it on a baking tray

I then sprayed 6 sprays of 1kcal spray onto the baking paper (one spray for each cookie to sit on)

Place the balls of the cookie dough (which will probably be quiet wet and sticky) onto the sprays and flatten them down. I flatten mine quite a lot as they get a better crunch at the end.

Then put them into the oven for about 12 minutes and then flip them over. I then put mine back in for another 10 minutes but use your judgement as to how crunchy you want them.

And thats it....super clean, super tasty and super easy! What more could you want for a snack?

The oats should give you energy so would be a great pre-gym snack but for more energy why not try and little bit of peanut butter on top of each cookie or try mixing it into the mixture.

Let me know how yours turn out! Also what have you done today? I went for a 6am spin class and i will be doing crossfit and spin again later on after work! Remember this week is about no excuses!

Lots of hard work & dedication