Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My first post

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog where I will write about everything and anything to do with gym and healthy eating as well as bad habits. So it will sort of become a documentary of my life I guess.

Lets go back to the beginning...

When I started my first year of university I was drinking a lot and eating far too much, but it was the first time I every had to properly fend for myself...I could give you all the excuses under the sun but lets face it I just lost control. I had a wonderful boyfriend who I was very settled with (and still am by the way), so I wasn't very conscious of the fact I was gaining weight and even when I became aware it didn't bother me, until I went home for christmas and weighed myself just before starting my second term and realised I had gained nearly 2 stone.... now I wouldn't say I was over weight but I definitely had excess weight that I didn't need, I felt sluggish and generally really crap so I decided it was time to do something about it. So on my journey back to Leicester I got my final McDonalds and enjoyed every mouthful knowing it would be my final one for a while I knew I had to gain control over my body. 

So the next day I done a healthy food shop and joined the gym. I was obsessed with The biggest loser USA and so I bought Jillian Michael's 30 day shred dvd (which I couldn't rate highly enough – look out for my review on it) and I started going to the gym every morning and doing the DVD in the evening alongside a really strict diet (I made it up myself I don't buy into all these pay for diets...maybe ill do a separate post on what I was eating and how you can create your own diet plan) 

The exercise was fine but the diet was hard as I was so strict with myself - but I wanted results fast. I had reached just over 10st, which for my 5ft 4 frame is quite a lot.

I had to realise that the weight took more than a week to go on so it would take more than a week to come off.

But it did, I lost the 2 stone I had gained and got back down to 8 stone, the only issue was is that I looked like a skeleton even my boyfriend told me I looked ill - so I had to find a balance. 

I am now a healthy 8st 7lb or around about and am trying to gain more muscle and eat clean...I’ve started to appreciate that its not about how skinny you are but about your health. 

I go to the gym nearly everyday and do cross fit, MMA, and spin, I love being at the gym - especially the one I’ve joined back home. I’m trying really hard to live a clean lifestyle but while I still live at home (half my time spent at my boyfriends families home) it is hard to eat natural organic foods...but I try my best

Anyway this is a fairly lengthy welcome post I will add a few more posts over the next few days 

Lots of love & hard work and dedication