Wednesday, 26 June 2013


So as this week is about NO EXCUSES i thought id share a little story about a personal no excuse which will probably make your hump day a little bit brighter...

This morning i went to my 6.30am cross fit class knowing it was going to be tough as the trainer had already told me it was chest, shoulders and arms....which are my weakest body part....anyhoo i went and felt like i was beasting it until i got to maybe the 5th station....a resistant band which you had to put round your body and then run out to i struggled with this to begin with, i just couldn't get it it was getting towards the end of the minute and i decided to really go for it and well here is the result...

I know it looks soooooo funny...and it definitely is but my back doesn't think so.

But the motto of this post is that after having a lil laugh and cry i got straight back up and finished the rest of the class so NO EXCUSES matter your excuse push through it and BEAST IT!

Lots of Hardwork & Dedication